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time travel.......

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  • time travel.......

    If you had (or could build) a time machine and you could go anywhere in time what would you do?

    I will start and then you all can join in.....

    (personal scenarios)

    I would go back in time to the point just before I messed up my credit and stop me from making the biggest mistake in my life

    (something I have always wanted to do)

    I would go back in time to the point just before Walt Disneys health problems started and warn him to stop smoking
    I would also go back in time to sneak into Roys office and convince him to not necessarily remove Ron Miller from the company, but ask him to step down as the head of the company and let him stay in the company but give him another position, say head of the movie department or animation, and convince Roy, or Dianne Disney(miller) to take over as head of the company, to ensure that the family would still be in controll.

    and......... I would go back to 1970 and give my dad a note that reads: I cannot tell you who I am because interaction with the past by future individuals like myself would cause damage to the time stream, but please purchase shares of Disney stock for me.

    your son(well, from the future of course) jason.

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    Re: time travel.......

    I would go back in time and prevent circumstances from happening that would eventually lead to my brothers head injury


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      Re: time travel.......

      Disneyland - Black Sunday.


      I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.


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        Re: time travel.......

        Originally posted by Sambo View Post
        Disneyland - Black Sunday.
        that explains all the extra guests - MC time travelers