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Disneyland Horror Stories


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  • Disneyland Horror Stories

    Has anyone had an absolutely terrible experience either on the way to DLR or while there?

    On Nov 25 of last year (yes the day before Turkey Day), my boyfriend and I were on our way to DLR. I was driving my car, and he was my passenger. We were driving along Ball Road, and the Harbor light turned red. The car in front of me had a quick stop, and so did I. The driver behind me...well, she forgot to stop. Or, well, she tried to, but was going way too fast and probably following me too closely.

    The driver behind me rear-ended my car. She was going about 30-35mph. The force from her hitting me sent me into the car in front of me, but that was only a light tap. Still, the people in front of us were FREAKING out.

    The front of her car was destroyed. My back bumper was dented and hanging off.

    My boyfriend and I called the police and fortunately they had been driving along Ball anyway. An accident report was taken by Anaheim PD. And then I got a filler ticket because my mother never gave me the new insurance card -__- (I took my ticket to APD like the officers TOLD me to so I could get it signed off. I was told I wouldn't have to pay a penny. Yeah, the stupid little cadet sent me to the COURTHOUSE in Fullerton where I had to pay for the ticket...)

    The driver's insurance has taken FOREVER to get anything done. I got my car repaired (finally) in the last weeks of January... What's even better *sarcastic* is that my boyfriend and I are still INJURED. Yep, that's right. We've still got back pain! How long has it been now? Oh yes, over two months.

    It's your turn, guys. What terrible things have happened to you on the way there or while visiting?

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    Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

    well, this one was sort of our own fault. over the Christmas holidays my mom, my aunt, my uncle, and me decided to go to the DLR. we got Club 33 tickets for one of the days we were there because my aunt and uncle had never been. so, you have to pick up all the Club 33 tickets from Guest Services the morning of your scheduled meal because the tickets are all registered to one person. thus, my mom and I had four tickets because my aunt and uncle don't get up as early as we do. we went into Disneyland for a while and then we went over to DCA when it opened. we hadn't paid close attention to which tickets we were using, so we ended up activating all of them. when we figured this out, we decided to take advantage (I know, it's dishonest. I'm not proud of it) of the situation and get fastpasses for all four tickets. we then went to meet my aunt and uncle at the gate. unfortunately, the tickets had been activated but neither of them had a handstamp since they hadn't been inside the parks. the ticket scanning CM had to call out this scary man in dark aviator glasses and a black leather jacket over his oxford shirt, black tie, and black slacks. we told him what had happened in what felt like an interrogation and he let us keep the fastpasses we got, but we were lectured on the rules of the park. it was awful and super embarrassing. I almost cried. we will definitely keep track of which tickets are being used from now on!

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      Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

      I once boarded this magical tram that would take me to see Mickey and his friends, instead it took me back to this boring parking structure where my Jeep was parked and I had to go home.

      The worse experience I had was late one night I was boarding the tram. We sat there forever and didn't know what was going on. There was a CM sitting there and we asked him, he said he didn't know because he was off the clock and just wanted to get back to his car. Next thing we knew there were a lot of CMs around and they were calling security. We sat there for about fifteen minutes and never moved. Turns out it is an intoxicated man disrupting the other people and he refused to get off the tram.


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        Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

        One time, on our way there from Phoenix, AZ at 2am on I-10, just before crossing the border, we saw a large burst of orange on the road ahead about a mile. It turned out to be a semi had rolled into the center median and exploded. Emergency vehicles must have been coming the other way, because they were already on site, but I could not imagine the driver surviving based on the way the cab was burning bright and hot. We inched around on the shoulder and continued on our way, thankful we were not running a couple of minutes ahead of schedule, or we may have been caught in the accident. Nothing horrible at the park, however.


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          Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

          I got hit by a lady running a red light on Katella with a car full of kids... Totaled my car and freaked everybody out. I miss that car, it was paid for. Of course the insurance company messed around and gave me about half of what it was worth.
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            Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

            one time i was waiting for my bus to leave and it was taking forever it seemed like well sure enough the driver on break fell asleep in the bus, everyone was like 'whats the deal' so i decide that i'm gonna bang on the window and wake her up, i had been there for an hour, so this makes the driver wake up and she looks around and i'm like 'it's been an hour already,let's go' and she tells me that sence i did that i can't board the bus, i said screw it and went home


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              Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

              Keep 'em coming!


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                Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                This is odd...but ok.


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                  Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                  It seems to me that there are a lot of accidents right outside of the gates to the park. Are people so excited that they stop following the rules of the road? I have seen several accidents in front of DLR but thankfully have never been involved in any of them myself.
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                    Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                    I feel like someone is going to say, "One time, at band camp, ......."
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                      Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                      This is one of my family's favorite stories now:
                      Back in the early 90's, my family took our first trip to DL. I was 5, my sister was 3. During the Beauty and the Beast stage show, I found a small blue candy on the ground,and thinking it was a bead, picked it up. We went to get in line for dinner at the CS on the edge of Main Street (Plaza something? My brain is not working today), and, being a 5 year old, I held the candy up to my face to smell it. It went straight up my nose and came back out. My little sister thought it was hilarious, and pleased to make her laugh, I continued to sniff it into my nose, and let it fall back out. My parents could not see what I was doing, and surprise, surprise, I managed to get the candy stuck. We had to go to the first aid station on Main Street, and they put us in a little van to an LA trauma center. By this time, I could taste the candy as it was melting. A very nice doctor took a look, assured hysterical 5 year old me that it had melted, and gave me some ice cream. Needless to say, my very hungry family was not happy with me or the fact that I'd gotten something to eat.

                      Definitely one of my strangest stories and one of our family's favorite memories now - it's just so ridiculous! :lol:


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                        Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                        We basically went though something similar to what the poster went through.
                        On the way home from D-land.
                        Person in front of us did a quick stop.
                        We did one and so did the person behind us.
                        Now the jerk on the cell phone in the hummer behind her didn't stop.
                        The bumper had a little damage (along w/ chiropractic needs for us), but the lady behind us: her trunk was basically gone and she was crying pretty hard (don't blame her). Mr. Hummer had no damage and wondered what all the fuss was about.
                        This happened in that little mountain range where you can take the 60 (off the 10) to get to Riverside. I guess they get tons of accidents over there.
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                          Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                          Well I dont think this was scary but inmature. We were on tram back to the Timon Parking lot (Carsland ) and there were like 4 teenagers walking off to the side and we had to stop to tell them they cant be there and they refused to stop and so the Cast Member had to chase them... literally and he called security and blah blah blah.

                          Thank you Solitary!


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                            Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                            Originally posted by 4Apples4Disney View Post
                            I feel like someone is going to say, "One time, at band camp, ......."
                            No no no.. it's should "this one time, at Disneyland" or "this one time, at DCA" or "this one time, on the way to our DLR vacation.."


                            Hrmm... and umm no, got no horror stories that I can recall... or even small little mishaps..

                            But reading them all here is very entertaining.. ! Great subject !

                            Oh oh . wait... I remembered one.. my best friend sprained her ankle in Disneyland when we went once.. she was walking on Main Street, and she twisted her foot in the tracks in the middle of the road.. how often does that happen? I mean, so many people running and goofing off there.. it has to happen often doesn't it?
                            We were only like 12 then..

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                              Re: Disneyland Horror Stories

                              Well, this didn't happen at DLR, but instead at Epcot. One night after Illuminations ended, everyone rushed to leave the park. This was during the summer, so the crowds at all the parks in WDW were HUGE! well anyway, this family was practically running through the crowd and the guy leading the way pushed my grandma to the ground. This made my mom really mad, so she confronted the guy. then one of the ladies -well, she wasn't a lady but i'm not allowed to use the word i'm thinking of on this website- from the group grabbed my mom by the hair and started screaming "We're secret service (female dog)! We're secret service!" in her face (because being "secret service" makes it all okay?). she then shoved my mom back and the family sped ahead. well, my mom followed them out of the crowds and then told security about what they'd done and security called the police. you see, the funny thing is, at the time, my mom worked as a forensic scientist for the orange county sherrifs department. so she knew a lot of the sheriffs and security people. The look on the family's faces were priceless when the police came in and saw my mom and said "Hey Robin!" with a smile and a wave.
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