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Help needed with vacation planning ( LA area )


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  • Help needed with vacation planning ( LA area )


    I'm from Europe. Never been to Disneyland Anaheim, but I thought it'd be neat to be there for the first time on 07-17. At the same time, we'll also visit other LA themeparks and tourist attractions. Unfortunately neither of us drive, so we have to rely on public transport ( which is pretty bad in the US overall, no offence ). So I have a bunch of questions for anyone who might be able to help. Any help is really appreciated!

    1 I have to go from LAX to Hollywood with public transport. The MTA website says I have to take a bus and then the subway. How easy is it to find both of these when we have arrived?

    2 We'd like to stay at a hostel ( ). Does anyone have experience with them? We're not looking for luxury, but I just want to check out if it's safe to send my deposit to them. I don't want to turn up and then not have a reservation.

    3 ... do they have good service? Can they be trusted?

    4 Same for

    5 Same for

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give!
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    Originally posted by Thriller
    Unfortunately neither of us drive, so we have to rely on public transport ( which is pretty bad in the US overall, no offence ).
    None taken. Public transport in the greater Los Angeles area is particularly bad. It may be as fast and efficient as in other cities, but the distances involved make it dreadful.

    I would seriously consider engaging a limo for long trips, like to Disneyland. Perhaps you can get other hostel people to chip in and all go to Disneyland. It is something like 40 miles and would take the better part of an hour in a limo. (By bus, two-and-a-half hours. I've done it.)

    That link goes to the hostel on Hollywood Boulevard right near Hollywood and Highland. This will put you near Universal (by subway) and in Hollywood for the Grauman's Chinese/stars-on-the-sidewalk bit. There are also bus tours that start at Grauman's.

    Have fun.

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      All the best on your trip. tod is right about the bus system. The limo idea, when split among 6 or so, can be a great value. Airport Bus has been around for years and is a good company. I've used them from Anaheim to LAX since the '70s. They stop at every airport terminal and you should take one to Union Station downtown, the subway station is there for the trip to Hollywood. You can also take AMTRAK from Union Station to Fullerton which is only 3 miles from Disneyland. That station is off Harbor Blvd. and you can get an OCTA bus directly south on Harbor to the DL main entrance. Don't know anything about the hostel situation or the other tour companies. LA Conservancy has some wonderful walking tours of downtown LA. If you're planning to do Knott's also I'd suggest you consider a one or two night stay in OC.
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