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Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!


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  • Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

    Halloween time always makes me remember when I was in grammar school and my teacher made us write our own epitaphs. Pretty freaky if you ask me but I get a kick out of them...

    Thought some of you chatters could be creative and write up some funny ones... Your name, screen names, celebs, etc.... Have fun!!!

    Here lies Andy Wiss
    His smile we all will miss
    Fell on top of that little knife
    I believe it was made by Swiss

    Here lies Lester Moore
    Four slugs
    From a forty-four
    No Les
    No More

    Here lies the body of our Anna
    Done to death by a banana
    It wasn't the fruit that laid her low
    But the skin of the thing that made her go

    Here lies the body
    of Jonathan Blake
    Stepped on the gas
    Instead of the brake

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    Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

    From another thread:
    Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
    "Here lies beloved Gemini Cricket
    Who lost his head riding an E-Ticket
    They told him to sit
    But he had a fit
    'Cause he didn't know what they were seein'
    Riding Pirates of the Caribbean
    A bridge that hung far too low
    While he sang 'yo ho yo ho'
    It really was a cryin' shame
    But he was happy all the same
    For instead of taking him outside
    Disney just added him to the ride!"


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      Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

      Dear departed sister Grumpy
      left this world to be less frumpy

      Here lies Chernabog
      Too much smoking
      Met his maker
      After too much stroking

      Hardly a wussy
      Passed away
      Due to an irate pu$$y


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        Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

        In this crypt lies Dustysage
        Found tied up in a dusty cage

        In death, Monorail Man
        Eternally searching for a cpu fan

        Fishbulb, sweet as honey
        Mauled to death by a mean white bunny

        In this spot lies Not Afraid
        Middle aged
        Red tangled hair tied in a braid


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          Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

          O-nut you seem to be having fun :lmao: Keep um' coming!!!!


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            Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

            This one is from Jaws...

            Here lies the body of Anna McGee
            Died at the age of 103
            For 15 long years she kept her virginity
            Not a bad record for this vicinity.
            Growing older is manditory
            Growing up is however, optional


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              Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

              Our dear Wrassler
              became a Mad Cow!
              But as of this day,
              no one knows how!

              Our dear Wrassler,
              funny and silly.
              He died a small death
              as a country hillbilly.


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                Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                Hey O-Nut can you think of one for me (besides the one I wrote for myself)?


                • #9
                  I have never been that great at rhyming, hence why I never took up my childhood dream of becoming a hardcore rapper. :[


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                    Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                    Here lies the body of old desert dweller
                    Tripped and fell down while exiting the cellar
                    His cries went unheeded as he lay there quite injured
                    And slowly he bled to death
                    Last edited by desertdweller; 10-27-2005, 02:02 PM.
                    "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde


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                      Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                      Crazy Legs, happy go lucky
                      Screamed herself to death
                      And is a little less plucky

                      Even with her vodka tonic
                      Disneylandmom couldnt fend off anything bubonic

                      Here lies Disneyphile
                      Wiccan through and through
                      Unfortunately her powers
                      Kept her stuck inside the loo


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                        Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                        O-Nut can you make one for me? Even though I already made two in an above post.


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                          Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                          Originally posted by Disney Wrassler
                          O-Nut can you make one for me? Even though I already made two in an above post.
                          Me too... Me too.....



                          • #14
                            Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                            Villains Fan, never one to be mean
                            Was killed last week by the Evil Queen

                            Dear departed Morrigoon
                            Trojan to the bone you can bet
                            Left this world on a sad note
                            Deboweled by a clarinet


                            • #15
                              Re: Epitaphs.... Creepy- Cool- Fun!

                              Neverneverland, in this coffin
                              Loved her boy bands but hated golfin'

                              Laid to rest, Wolfy999
                              Too much beer and not enough wine

                              Dear departed brother NeverGrow Up
                              Too smart in life to ever say "WHASSUP!"


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