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Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart


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  • Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

    Charlie the cat appeared one day out of the blue. He must've known that our house was cat-friendly and that he wouldn't be lonesome if he hung out around here. Chris said he looked like a Cougar, so we dubbed him Charlie. I don't know where he came from or why he was here, but he was loving, talkitive and very friendly - and hungry. If I see a starving cat, I will help it out. Charlie ate with gusto and stayed.

    Now, I don't like kitties outdoors. There are scary things outside like racoons, possoms, other mean cats and cars, so I asked Charlie if he wanted to be an indoor cat. He looked at me with his big head and seemed to say yes, so I made a vet appointment.

    I always wish cats could talk so I could find out where they came from, what they had been through and what their life had been like. Charlie was such a sweet, well-mannered cat that someone must've loved him once. Well, we went to the vet and Charlie didn't like being in the cat "suitcase" so I opened the top a bit to reassure him. Charlie climbed right out and into my lap. He looked at me with his big grey eyes and started purring. Charlie liked the car!

    By the time we get to the vet, Charlie has gone up a few notches in my book. He's a very special boy! The vet takes a look at Charlie, tells me his fang is broken but that he's about 4 years old. He suggests that we give him some tests for the major cat diseases - Feline Lukemia and Feline HIV. I wait in the waiting room.

    The Vet comes and and says bad news - Charlie has tested positive for Feline HIV. I know nothing about feline HIV but I know the human version isn't good. Basicially, he can't have contact with any other cats. HIV is spread through blood, urine and saliva. Indoors with other cats is not the place to be for Charlie.

    We have to get another blood test in a month. There is a 30% chance that he's been exposed but will fight it off. But, there's still a 70% chance that he will have HIV until he dies.

    So, we have one month to decide what to do. The best scieniero would be to find a loving home for Charlie where he is kept indoors and is the only cat in the house. There's no telling how long he will live - it could be quite a while. The other scieniero is that we put him to sleep so he doesn't infect other cats in the neighborhood.

    I'm so glad we have a least a month to work things out. Meanwhile, Charlie is most comfortable on a fuzzy bed on our front porch. He really is a wonderful cat and it just breaks my heart that we may have to make an awful decision. Time will tell, I'm sure. Meanwhile, Charlie is being well loved by us.

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    Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

    That's the best you can do for a cat like that. We adopted a stray that had leukemia, and died a few months after we started taking care of it. It was terribly sad, but I know that those last few months were safe, secure, warm and well-fed for the fella. He went out happy and loved. And I hate cats, for the most part...

    I'm sorry for the situation, and I know it's hard, but you're doing a wonderful thing caring for Charlie, as hard as it's going to be for you. I applaud your compassion.
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      Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

      Poor Charlie.
      Kudos to you, NA, for taking care of him in the meantime. You'll make the right decision whatever it may be. You're good at that.


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        Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

        I am sorry Charlie has to go through this. Poor cat! NA what you are doing for him is wonderful and I am happy to know that someone can take the time and effort to help the poor animals.
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          Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

          Such a sad situation but a wonderful thing you are doing. Your heart is in the right place.
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            Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

            I'm happy that Charlie found you- you will do the right thing for him, no matter what happens.
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              Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

              I am so sorry. Poor Charlie. I don't know what the right decision is, but I am sure you will make it. At least for now, he has people who care about him and if he doesn't make it, he had a good few weeks. Good Luck.
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                Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                Awwwwww poor Charlie. :squeeze: What a hard decision to make, I'm sure you'll make the right one and it sounds like Charlie is feeling well loved and cozy on the porch.

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                  Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                  NA, I'm sorry you have to make this kind of decision. I'm sure you'll make the right one! Poor Charlie.:sad:
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                    Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                    I'm so glad we have some time before making a decision. Maybe we will find a home for him in the meantime - or the 30% miracle will happen and he'll be fine. (I have to be careful about my level of hope vs reality.)

                    Meanwhile, he's such a great cat!


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                      Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                      Here's some pics of the sweetheart:

                      Happy tail-wagging boy

                      Did I tell you he sings? He does.

                      He loves the sun and sits on the wall like a little Cougar.

                      How could we resist him with a face like that?

                      We have 3 more weeks before we have the second FIV test. We just keep hoping this beautiful animal will be ok, or we'll be able to find him a loving home. I really don't want to have to put him down. He's a really great cat.


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                        Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart


                        Based on your love for cats, you're probably already in touch with your local rescues. Just in case you need more resources, I have a few to recommend. When we were looking to adopt a new family cat last December we were pleased to meet some fine folks from these two organizations. Both, I believe took in special needs kitties.


                        You've done a fabulous thing bringing in this sweet cat. He looks like one adorable sweetheart!

                        Good luck and love the updates!



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                          Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                          That is such a sweet, yet sad story, Not Afraid. Poor beautiful Charlie. I'm so glad he found you for the rest of his life. :ghug:

                          I had a cat die from feline HIV before anyone knew what HIV was. It was not an easy time. :cfrown:


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                            Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                            hugs to him


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                              Re: Charlie the Lonesome Sweetheart

                              Charlie is an adorable kittie - there was no way you couldn't fall in love with him!
                              Whatever happens, whatever the decision must be.
                              Charlie will have been loved and had a happy life.
                              Hugs to you, NA, for taking this on.


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