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The Cast For Vault Disney


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  • The Cast For Vault Disney

    It's great that Disneyland has brought back such classics as "Captain Eo," and "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Regardless of how you feel about both, the nostalgia is what's appealing to Disney fans. Very seldom do extinct attractions make an encore in the parks. This also goes for old Disney movies, TV shows, and specials. One of my favorite Disney live action movies is "A Monkey's Uncle." I was in elementary school when i first discovered this, and countless gems in the Disney vault in the late night television overlay on the Disney channel; vault Disney. Since its vanishing from late night television, I have searched far and wide for some of the content that was shown on those late night. Some I have found, some I have not. But it has always made me wonder could there be a Vault Disney premium channel? Something like the way TV Land used to be. If there is one thing Disney seems to prove in and out of its park is that old can be new again.

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    Re: The Cast For Vault Disney

    I'm another fan of the Vault Disney show on late night Disney Channel.

    I first saw the grand opening show of DL one night while I was up with my newborn son. I couldn't believe my eyes!

    Quite a few of the segments are on the Treasures DVD sets that have been sold at Costco and other fine establishments like the Disneyana store at the Park.

    One of my favorite movies from back then was the Chico the Coyote episode. They actually made a few of them.

    Thankfully, I had enough horse sense back then to tape most of those oldies but goodies. If it had something to do with the Park, I taped it!

    And funny enough, I actually enjoyed the CGI introduction to each evenings show. It was like a ride in itself!

    Do a search. The subject of Vault Disney has been posted here numerous times before.


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      Re: The Cast For Vault Disney

      I agree the intro was very intriguing. I taped a bunch of stuff too, but all seemed to fall a victim of time. I was a very big fan of Mickey Mouse Club as well. I have a majority of the treasures DVD's, but there is way more content that has yet to be released.

      Just not the same.


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