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Where do you NOT want to visit?


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  • Where do you NOT want to visit?

    I absolutely LOVE to travel. I would go just about anywhere within reason given the opportunity. But, there are places that do NOT tickle the wanderlust in me the way other places do......or the way they do in others.

    Las Vegas is probably number one on my list of places I have no desire to see again. There's nothing about that place that interests me. Nothing. I hate the desert, I don't gamble or drink, I can shop just as well at home and I'd rather see the real Venice, Paris or other city that is "re-created" in Vegas. Now, if it was 1950 and the Rat Pack was hanging out, I might feel differently, but currently, yuck.

    I guess Laughlin would fit in the same category for the same reasons.

    What place9(s) do you hope never ends up on your destination list?

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    Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

    Texas. Reason: That state just not appeal to me.


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      Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

      For me, I would have to say Boston Market. I hate it. It had bad servive when we went their last (which also happened to be the day we first ate there). They had no food that was listed on their menu except for nasty fruoit salad that was sitting in the bar for a few days I bet. I never want to go to a boston market again (except for the one my brother works for. I am willing to give that one a try next time I am back down in So. Cal.)


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        Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

        most African nations except maybe Morrocco, Egypt and South Africa
        most South/Central American nations except Brazil and Argentina, maybe Panama too

        Thats really about it.


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          Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

          Ohio- I have spent 8 hours in their airport and I never want to go back. Arkansas and West Virginia are on that list also, as well as Idaho and Utah.
          (no offense if you live there, but those places just don't appeal to me)

          Internationally, I would love to go anywhere.
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            Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

            I'm largely uninterested in a lot of MidWest states: Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, etc. Nothing appealing there for me.

            As far as countries, I'm not particularly interested in visiting Southeast Asia. I'm not a fan of heat and humidity, and I hear they have a lot of it. I don't think I'd be a big fan of Iceland or Greenland... I can't think of anything there I'd care to see. And the Middle East/Israel area is just too dangerous, although I'd like to visit someday.

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              Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

              I would not want to visit the moon. There's no air there.


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                Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                My mom wants to visit Alaska. Maybe if I become rich and famous I will take her and my dad there.)


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                  Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                  Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                  I would not want to visit the moon. There's no air there.
                  I wouldn't want to visit it because I am afraid of heights LOL. Plus it is to much of a risk. I mean who (Besides astronaughts) would want to take a chance of being burned alive while entering and leaving the earths hemisphere?


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                    Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                    There's a particular hotel in Paris I will not be visiting again anytime soon. Worst. Hotel. Ever.

                    I don't think I'd like to visit the Middle East. But I hate saying that I wouldn't want to visit someplace without being there before. But I don't think I could stand the heat there.


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                      Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                      middle east countrys. where woman and no better then cattle and woman have to wear full medal gear to go out. No thank you!!!


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                        Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                        Most of Africa. Humidity, bugs bigger than my car, wild animals, Ebola and me just don't mix.

                        Antarctica....I'm guessing that's self-explanatory.

                        Mexico City. Sounds like the scariest place evah.

                        Danny Bonaduce's house. Second scariest place evah.

                        Cher's bathroom. Oh my god scary.

                        Britney's house while she and KevFed are talking....seriously....heebie jeebies.


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                          Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                          Africa...I have visions of the kids being eaten by lions or diseased bugs!

                          Mexico...Blech! I lived in Tucson...close enough!

                          Arizona...Blech! Even though we lived there, I still wouldn't want to visit!

                          Asian countries...I don't know why, but they have just never appealed to me for some reason...except for the food!
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                            Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                            I would like to go everywhere! I guess the lowest priority for me is Asia. It's a beautiful place with an interesting culture, but for some reason it has never quite resonated with me. I would like to ride the Eastern-Orient Express from Singapore to Bankok, though. I've always wanted to visit the Middle East, too. I'm fascinated by the ancient culture and food. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be an option these days.

                            I think our next major trip will be Australia and New Zealand. South America and Africa are also high on the list. I'd like to take a cruise that explore's a bit of Antarctica. Exploring the good ol' USA is always fun. (...and one of the best meals I've ever eaten was in Columbus, Ohio!) If I could afford it, I'd be the first in line to make a short hop into outer space!

                            Basically, though... name a place, I'll go.
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                              Re: Where do you NOT want to visit?

                              I agree Vegas as no appeal anymore. The late 70's was the end of the good times in Vegas. Seriously, it was a much more fun and interesting place to go to when the mob was still in charge. Now that big business has taken over... ditto-- yuck!!

                              Otherwise I'm game for almost any place else in the US, since I haven't been to may places.

                              But I have no desire to go to any Middle east country, Spain, Italy or France.

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