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Who went to the after halloween sales?


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  • Who went to the after halloween sales?

    I am so glad I did!! I got some real good stuff and saved a ton of money!
    My Rachal wants a birthday/ halloween party next year and I was thinking, How am I going to come up with all the decorations for it? well I got some cool ones and some lights and sound activates funny things like a giant rat that moans with a belly ach, a screaming moaning sketeton, and many pumpkin lights. I also got a black light and plastic halloween cups and such. I got all the kids costumes for next year to!! Batman for Beau, Cyrus will be spiderman and rachal goth girl. I will be making the accessorys to go with all three and they will look totally rad!
    All this for under 45 bucks! Yep, this will be the talk of the school
    I will be heading to Kmart soon to see what they have next. I want her to have a fun party and so I am also planning on the menu of food to. She was going to have a party this year but her best friend had one and she wanted to wait until she hit Junior high and her friends helped with it. My trunk is filled with stuff, she will be thrilled. ( I am such a good mommy

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    Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

    Yeah Karla, that is so cool. I didn't get out this year yet, but I usualy pick up a few things the day after.

    that sounds like a very cool birthday party, when is her birthday? My girls is early Oct. and she keeps saying sometime she wants a costume/Haloween party party, but not yet. I should do this too, just so I'm ready when sh finally decides to do it.


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      Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

      Karla, that sounds like so much fun! Way to go on all of the bargains!!


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        Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

        Thank you girls, I am so happy I remembered to go LOL! I was going to give her a party this year but no way could I afford all the decorations, and I have no talent to decorate, now I can do it and she will have a blast! Her birthday is September 1st, and I think we will wait until October 1st so she is in school and gets to know some people. I think a party will also boost her self esteem since a new school again ( junior high) and not knowing to many kids. Yeah, she will be the bell of the scary ball
        She will be older enough to be in charge and young enough to enjoy. I told her when she has it I would take the boys to grandma's and she can have the house to her self. I will go to my room for 2 hours
        I already thought up a few treats, eyeball punch, ( eyes in ice) and wormie cupcakes. bloody nacho's ( cheese with red food coloring) and so forth,. I am like so happy as I knowshe will love this. I can not wait until she comes home ( and I go home from work


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          Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

          I didn't get any fun stuff...but I did buy Halloween frozen cookie dough. It was on sale two for a dollar! Who cares if it's ghosts...I'll still eat them!
          Us girls, we're so magical.
          Soft skin, red lips, so kissable.
          Hard to resist, so touchable.
          Too good to deny it.
          Ain't no big deal, it's innocent. :evil:


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            Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

            Ok, I went to kmart and wow just wow!! I got the funniest things to brighten up the walls and scary talking faces, and shaking skelitons that say " turn back, now, you must turn back" Your in danger, you must run ...... !!
            I got all the cups, and plates, and bags for goodies, rachal and the kids got costume jewelery ( rachal got the complete goth jewels LOL! and glasses.
            I got head stones that light up, one says ima stiff, the other says rest in peace. what a col thing. I told her we would send out invitations that say " you are cordually invited to Rachal's birthday party Monster mash.... please dress up !
            she about flipped when she saw all the stuff, 12 bags full
            I got almost 300.00 worth the stuff for under 70.00 . I spent a lot, but next year when she wants the party I would amost surely go broke trying to decorate.
            Awwwww it feels nice to make your kids so happy!!! ( But...... wait til she gets her chore list for tonight muwuaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Hee hee hee


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              Re: Who went to the after halloween sales?

              I love to go to after the holiday sales. I especially like the after Christmas stuff. I didn't get any halloween stuff this year. The day after was one of my 12+ hour days and I didn't do anything but go to work. And this year the day after Christmas I'll be sleeping because I'm scheduled to work Christmas night. But at least this year thats the only holiday I'm scheduled. I usually end up working at least 3 of the 5 biggy holidays this time of year.

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