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AAA....worse than the DMV???


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  • AAA....worse than the DMV???

    OMG!!! I ended up having to take a two hour lunch today!!!

    I went to AAA to get "Tip Packs" for our trip to Europe. Tip packs are small amounts of foreign currency for cab fare and stuff like that.

    So I go to AAA, stand in line for an hour!!! Then the "travel specialist" I am working with gets into an argument with me. Why? Because I won't purchase the PESOS she is trying to sell me for France!!

    I finally had to get the manager involved...and he ended up taking her side. Telling me that "the computer says I need pesos."

    So, I finally convince them I "want" Euros. But only after they explain to me that I "won't be able to exchange them when I get there and they are the wrong currency!"

    In the end... I finally got some euros....and a headache....

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    Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

    OH MY GOD!!! How incompetant is that?! If I were you I'd write a letter to someone about that. Thats pathetic. What if you were some old lady who didnt know the difference between a Euro and a Peso, got the Pesos because these seemingly knowing professionals told you to, and were screwed once you got to France?



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      Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

      Sorry...Nothing beats the DMV. At least the folks at AAA might be ignorant, but the folks at DMV just DON'T CARE!!!!

      Hope your headache is better.


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        Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

        wow, that's pathetic! i think AAA and DMV are both demonic beings and it's terrible because there really is no way around either of them!!

        ^clicky clicky^


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          Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

          I spent 3 hours there last year trying to simply get 5 day park hopper tickets for my trip!
          I feel your pain! :bang:


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            Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

            Huh. I'm sorry AAA was so horrible that day. I've used them for DMV stuff for a long time now and they're much better. Haven't tried anything with the travel service, and I guess that's a good thing.

            I don't care what the computer says, France and most of Europe uses Euros! People know that.
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              Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

              NGU - you're going to be awfully sorry when you show up to France and they only take Pesos. :lol:
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                Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

                OMG that is absolutely ridiculous. I would defintely report BOTH of them to someone higher up, just like O-Nut said what if you didn't know the difference. Simply pathetic customer service.

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                  Re: AAA....worse than the DMV???

                  I would report them as well. My family has been using AA forEVER and never had problems like that. They've always been helpful, knowlegable, etc. It sucks that you got such a bad one... Nice how a travel specialists doesn't know something that us laymen know! Sheesh.
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