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Watermark opinion

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  • Watermark opinion

    hey whats up, I just took a little bit to make a new watermark in photoshop to put on the pictures I take, give me some feedback on if you like it or not thanks!

    Original Pic:

    (drumroll please....)

    With watermark:

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    Re: Watermark opinion

    They both have watermarks....looks good though.


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      Re: Watermark opinion

      I cant read what the watermark says but I gues that is not the point. Nice pictures and good job!
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      We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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        Re: Watermark opinion

        lol whoops, anyways you get the picture :P thanks


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          Re: Watermark opinion

          Looks like too much watermark... it's filling up half the photo!

          Oh, wait... that's just the sub lagoon.

          Uhm... good logo anyway. I can read it.


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            Re: Watermark opinion

            Yoda says... "A path to the dark side, watermarks are. Wish to use the photos without watermark, people will."

            That said, it's a well done watermark... but I'm very anti-watermarks. lol

            Heck, I'm not even really happy with the watermarks on the MiceAge photos, but they're so small I can't use them for my desktop background anyway. lol

            I suppose it depends upon what you want the photos used for... if you want people to put it on their desktop, don't use a watermark and use a high quality large version. Otherwise most won't care.

            Keep in mind that you don't have the entire copyright to the photo... Disney has a larger chunk than you do. So don't get too into Disney Photography for your own profit, or for that matter, thinking that no one will use it... because, they will take it, and use it on their own site, cutting off the watermarks if they have to.