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  • Tell Us About Alaska

    O.K. We move this series of threads on to the state of Alaska.

    Alaska ranks 47th in population, with almost 700,000 people. It is the largest state. The atlas wouldn't help me compute the distance between this state and Disneyland, so let's just say it is a long way. The capital is Juneau and the largest city is Anchorage. Alaska's nickname is The Last Frontier.

    So MiceChatters, what do you know about Alaska? Have you been there? Do you live there? Have any friends or relatives there?

    Tell us about Alaska.

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    Re: Tell Us About Alaska

    My uncle lived there for a time. He was a lawyer living in a Anchorage and he his office had a large window facing one of the famous mountains nearby. I don't know much about the place, but there was a great story of my cousin waking up one morning to discover a rather large caribou staring in the window at him.


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      Re: Tell Us About Alaska

      I've never been to Alaska but my mom went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago and she raves about it all the time. I now hope that one day I will get to go see such an amazing part of our country! I still have two t-shirts she brought back that are from Skagway (sp)

      Alaska's state flower is....Forget-Me-Not


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        Re: Tell Us About Alaska

        Never been there, but i know some who have. Great Scenery, bad mosquitos.
        Go Bengals.



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          Re: Tell Us About Alaska

          There was this girl once that was obsessed with me one day and dropped off the face of the earth the next day... this was quite a while back. Well, she looked like menonite, but she wasn't. She went to this menonite college about an hour away, though. And she had a latin fetish. But, anyway, she was from Alaska and her parent would send her smoked salmon.

          Alaska was bought because of the oil. Russia isn't very happy about that.

          It's cold there.

          They have moose there.

          Northern Exposure happened there.


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            Re: Tell Us About Alaska

            When I was in the Army I dated a guy from Ketchikan, AK. He tried to convince me that Alaska wasn't that cold, and that I could survive living there.

            He showed me pictures of his car with 4 feet of snow on it. It made me cry.

            He also told me that on really cold days you could spit and the saliva would freeze before it hit the ground. That's f:!$#%:ing cold!!!!!

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              Re: Tell Us About Alaska

              I lived in Alaska for almost five years.

              I lived in Kodiak, AK for two years when I was in preschool and kindergarten. My sister was born's beautiful. I've been back only once. When we lived there, we went camping a lot, did the overnight grunion (sp?) run thing on the beach, my dad bought a Toyota Landcruiser and we used to go out 4-wheeling in the mud. We have thousands of great pictures of our time in Kodiak. One of my favorites is a pic of me sitting all bundled up in an igloo my dad made for me in the front yard.

              Later I lived in Sitka for almost three years. We lived on a tiny island called Edgecombe Island (I think that's the actual name, I'm not sure) and there was a long bridge to Sitka, and my friend and I actually walked cross it several times. Our parents never knew where we were. We had way too much freedom! We'd ride our bikes from one end of the island to the other, hiked and built forts in the forest, ate berries we probably should not have, and we lived there when they filmed an episode of The Love Boat that took place in Alaska. I think it was a two-part episode or a movie....can't remember. But it was a really really big deal. Sitka is gorgeous, very touristy, lots of native American and Russian elements to the town, Totem poles and Russian food and dancing and festivals. It's like living in a foreign country. When we lived there, my dad bought a small Zodiac boat for a while (hated it!), but then took the plunge and bought a big boat. We used to go halibut fishing and island hopping on the weekends. I remember going to an island known for its hot springs and seeing naked people....and I remember an island full of nothing but GOATS. Weird! Also, the first few months we lived there, we lived in a hotel. It was awesome (for me).

              I've been to Ketchikan, Anchorage, Glacier Bay, Cordova, Valdez.....I'm not sure where else.

              My dad and step mom just went on a cruise up there for their tenth wedding anniversary in September and they had a great time. He was so happy to show her Sitka....he really really loved it there.


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                Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                Thanks for sharing your memories of Alaska. How cool must it have been to have an igloo in your front yard.

                It is nice hearing the memories and tales people have of places that I may never get to in my lifetime.


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                  Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                  I've been to Alaska twice. Two cruises, and one of those a train trip to Denali and Juneau. It's an amazingly beautiful state. I've spent more time in Anchorage than in any other city that I haven't lived in I think. I highly recommend everyone who enjoys travelling to go there at least once. I've been to Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Anchorage, Denali, Juneau and Seward. All beautiful areas.


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                    Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                    The two expasion states, Hawaii and Alaska seem to be the most scenic..
                    Go Bengals.



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                      Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                      I've been there twice, once on a cruise and once stayed with some friends in Kenai. It is one of the few place I could go to over and over (granted it would be in the summer). The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and they are not kidding when they say it's the last American wilderness. Just driving along, we constantly saw moose, eagles, otters, puffins, and other wildlife. The most amazing thing in the summer is seeing the sun still in the sky at 10:00 at night (needless to say, everyone has thick blinds on their bedroom windows). The fishing is crazy! We saw a guy bring in a 220 lb halibut in Seward one afternoon. This thing could have eaten me for a snack! We went salmon fishing and caught our limit each day. Four of us came back with 150 lbs of salmon fillets. Going through Glacier Bay was an unforgetable experience. To hear the icebergs cracking off is one of the most eerie sounds in the world. I recommend, if there's one place everybody should go, it's to Alaska. (ok, I'm beginning to sound like a travel brochure )


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                        Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                        I always said that if I were rich, Since I do not drive, I would hire a chauffeur, and buy a van or a camper and travel around this beautiful country. Sounds like a good place to start would be Alaska.


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                          Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                          I spent a Summer in Kotzebue Alaska (above the arctic circle) fishing on a commercial fishing boat. It was easily one of the most amazing Summers of my life:

                          1) The sunset would last about three hours. Our house was right on the edge of the sound, and I would watch the sunset last until 2 am before the sun would begin to rise again.

                          2) The ice had just broken before I arrived. Every night hundreds of thousands of icicles would float by and clink into each other. Think of the sound of a 1000 wind chimes. Amazing...

                          3) Ain't no roads that run up to Kotzebue. You fly in....and you're pretty much there until you can fly out.

                          4) Moose and whale blubber ain't all it's hyped up to be.

                          5) Like Salmon? We pulled 20 and 30 pound salmon right out of the water and had them for dinner. (These were the ones that seals bit the heads off of...we couldn't sell those.)

                          6) On my last night mid August after it was dark again at night...I saw the Northern Lights for the first time. I almost peed my pants. A huge luminescent green and purple cloud hovering and glowing over the entire village. I never seen anything like it before or since.

                          If someone offers you the chance to go to Kotzebue...take it!

                          Also highly down the Turnagin Arm just outside of Anchorage. Amazing....


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                            Re: Tell Us About Alaska

                            You Know You're From Alaska When... "Vacation" means driving to Chitna to dip net

                            You measure distance in hours.

                            Down south to you means Anchorage.

                            You know several people who have hit a moose.

                            Your school classes aren't cancelled because of cold.

                            Your school classes were canceled because of ice.

                            You think of the major four food groups as moose, caribou, beer, and squaw candy.

                            You think that moose season is a national holiday.

                            You know what a real sockeye is, and have a recipe for candy ones.

                            You know if another Alaskan is from the city or the village as soon as they open their mouth.

                            You can spell words like Chatanika, Ninilchik, and Tuntutuliak.

                            You've had cabin fever.

                            You own moose nugget ear rings.

                            Mosquito dope is a part of your daily attire.

                            You think the song Breaking Up is Hard to Do is about spring time.

                            Travel luggage consists of ice coolers (or fish boxes) wrapped with duct tape.

                            A seven course meal is a sixpack and a can of SPAM.

                            When you answer the phone and it's a wrong number, but you know the number of the person they were trying to call off the top of your head.

                            You have bigger tires on your plane than on your car.

                            Someone mentions "super cub" and you do not envision a tiny bear wearing blue tights and a red cap.

                            Your relatives/friends think you live too far away for them to come visit you, but keep asking you to come see them more often.

                            October is the month of your highest income.

                            The reason you don't own a poodle is because an eagle ate the last one.

                            Kids catch the bus in the dark and get off it in the dark.

                            You know why they named it Chicken, Alaska.

                            You know that road flares will start a nice bon fire.

                            You take the door off the outhouse to see the aurora.

                            Your idea of taking a load off is emptying the firewood out of the back of the truck.

                            You know a tail-dragger is an airplane, not a bad day at the office.

                            You know that a Spenard Divorce involves a .357 magnum, not a lawyer.

                            You like your neighbors.

                            You know at least one pot grower.

                            You put up with the pain of a toothache until the Permanent Fund Dividend checks come out in October.

                            You know going "outside" involves a whole lot more than opening a door and walking into the yard.

                            You know Bunny Boots aren't worn by bunnies or made out of bunnies.

                            You know the meaning of the word "baleen" and it has nothing to do with making hay into large cubes.

                            You take off your shirt and your arms are as pale as your legs all the way to your wrists.

                            You don't know anyone who doesn't own a 4-wheeler.

                            You've washed your car while there was still snow on the ground.

                            You know a honey bucket is really a bucket, but it's not really full of honey.

                            You know that the Rat Net is not a rodent catching device.

                            You learned to swim indoors.

                            Your bedroom windows are covered in aluminum foil.

                            Your monthly veterinarian bill is more than your own medical bill.

                            You know a "white out" has to do with winter conditions not correcting fluid for typos.

                            You think it's normal for a town to put all the businesses on one side of the road.

                            Your local golf course has "happy hour" between 1:00 and 2:00 am

                            The seat in your outhouse is lined with styrofoam so your butt won't freeze to it when you have to sit down for a certain amount of time.

                            You've had to set your alarm every three hours to go start you car and let it run for 20 minutes so hopefully it will start in the morning so you can go to work.

                            Instead of plugging in your freezer, you've just move it to the front porch!

                            You open your freezer to take out something for dinner, and are faced with many choices, Pink Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, King Salmon, Smoked Salmon, or Halibut!

                            You can play road hockey on skates.

                            You see signs saying Do or do NOT _____ but you never see any law enforcement people.
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