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Tell us about Arizona

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  • Tell us about Arizona

    The state of Arizona is the 6th largest state in area. There are about 5 and a 1/2 million people in that state, which ranks 19th in population. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. The nickname is the Grand Canyon State.
    It is about 370 miles between Phoenix and Dsineyland. I am using the mileage for my distances as the distance between a certain city and Los Angeles. The nearest largest city to Anaheim. I am using a Rand McNally Road Atlas for this "hopefully fun" series of thread.

    So what do you know about Arizona. Do you live there? You can drive to DIsneyland in the morning and be there later in the afternoon.

    Tell us about Arizona.

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    Re: Tell us about Arizona

    It's HOT :lmao:

    I've also never been to AZ but my best friend of 26 years moved to AZ 10 months ago and she loves it so far .... well except the 115+ degree temps in August.

    I know I will get to visit AZ now that my best pal lives there and you know that when I do head out west I'll be taking my first trip to DLR as well :clap:

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      Re: Tell us about Arizona

      I lived in Arizona fro 22 years. I was born there and I love it- the hot sandy desert is in my blood. I could make the drive to my boyfriends house in Mesa from Disneyland in 4.5 hours.
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        Re: Tell us about Arizona

        It's a place to drive through as quickly as possible. (Preferably fly over.)


        Hot hot.

        Reeeeeeeeeaaaalllly hot.

        Except for Flagstaff which is actually quite nice.


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          Re: Tell us about Arizona

          Let me know when you get to "Tell us about Irwindale."


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            Re: Tell us about Arizona

            It is blasted wastleland of dirt and cactus. Every single animal that is native there is poisonous or has sharp teeth. There are 80 movie theaters to every resident.
            They do not bother with daylight savings time. One year when it got soo hot, all planes at Sky Harbor Airport were grounded because at the time their instrument panels would would not give correct readings over a certain temperature.
            David Spade and Kevin Nash are from Arizona.
            Parts of Psycho and basically all of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure were filmed in the Phoenix area.
            Arizona, like Florida, is where old people go to die.
            For a monsterous population base in an area that never has rain or bone-chilling winters, the number of theme parks = 0! WTF!!!!!booohiissss! No, 'Castles n' Coasters' does not count!
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              Re: Tell us about Arizona

              Yikes, that was bitter. I miss arizona
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                Re: Tell us about Arizona

                wow, Adam, tell us how you really feel lets see, I grew up going to visit AZ probably close to once a year coming from Minnesota. My grandparents were snowbirds and lived there in the winter. Both of my parents have now since moved there. I lived there for four years while going to ASU. People there are also still learning how to drive on a freeway system, since 15-20 years ago there was one main freeway in the Phoenix area with two that branched off it. I do miss the desert, it's very beautiful. The public schools there, from my experience leave a lot to be desired at the K-12 levels.


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                  Re: Tell us about Arizona

                  I lived in Arizona for two years and absolutely loved it there! It wasn't that hot, but I live in Texas now so I may not be remembering correctly. The mountains are gorgeous, the sunsets are even more gorgeous. I loved the landscape, it's not just desert, especially as you go up in the mountains (where there is also snow.) Some parts are just huge boulders that are spectacular to behold.

                  My oldest daughter was born there. There are lots of historical sites to visit. We went to Tombstone and Bisbee. There is a small tourist area that many movies and shows were filmed at, the name of it just escapes me right now. It's also not very far to drive to Mexico, the Grand Canyon and many places in California.

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                    Re: Tell us about Arizona

                    It's in the United States


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                      Re: Tell us about Arizona

                      Lived in Phoenix since 1986.

                      Has to be one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.
                      I can't believe the amount growth in this city since I move here.

                      We certainly get more than our fair share of "snowbirds"
                      that "visit" from october thru april.

                      New Stadium built for the Phoenix Suns a few years ago,
                      The AZ Diamondbacks Stadium was built right next to it.
                      The Phoenix Coyotes built a new stadium in the west valley,
                      and the Cardinals (the loser football transplant team) is
                      building a new Stadium next to Coyotes stadium.
                      Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale, and several other
                      great golf courses open year round.

                      Yes, 110 in the summer is common, but temps during the
                      rest of the year are beautiful ~ how else would we be able
                      to attract snowbirds. State flower is the Saguaro flower ~
                      yep, the flower on the stately tall Cactus that's a symbol
                      of the old west.

                      Yes we are the home of several desert creatures, including
                      the WB's Road Runner and Coyote, but several other creatures
                      from rabbits to rattlesnakes, desert tortoise to gila monsters,
                      quail (both the bird type to the vice presidential type), even a
                      black bear shows up in the east valley from time to time, there
                      are owls and lizards, scorpions, squirrels, and cicadas, bats in
                      the evening swooping over swimming pools for a drink, and
                      wild boars (pumba stlye) roaming in packs, ravaging large plastic
                      garbage containers at 1am. more of a variety of creature than
                      you would expect.

                      Scottsdale boutiques and still Phoenix has part of the old west
                      still alive. There are a few new fangled swimmin' holes (also
                      known as water parks) to keep you cool in the summer, and
                      quite a few fireplaces for the occassional cool winter evening.
                      Believe it or not, we do see snow in the valley, once every
                      few years, but don't expect it to stay around for more than a
                      few short hours.

                      Expect to see bridges crossing "rivers" of dirt,
                      but don't be fooled. In the midst of July and August you will
                      see lighting storms, you will even see red clouds of dirt swirlled
                      up high, off in the distance. But beware when those storms
                      approach, if you don't take cover, you'll choke from the dirt
                      and then get suddenly soaked.

                      The ground is all rock, so the rain won't soak in, and roll into the washes, low roads, and those dry riverbed. Motorists will still drive into those
                      water soaked roads, get stalled in the water and find out about the stupid motorist law.

                      We do have a few "mountains" in parks for the hikers, a couple of Theaters for plays, a growing art community in Scottsdale, and Carefree.
                      Several top rated resorts and restaurants.

                      And within just a short 2 hour drive, you can visit the splendor of
                      Sedona's Red Rock mountains, a little further north you can be in the
                      mountains, skiing, or visit one of natures 7 Wonders, the Grand Canyon.

                      And if you can't visit in person, you can always visit through
                      the Arizona Highways magazine.

                      Yes, Phoenix has a current drought in the amusement park
                      category. Castles and Coasters has 4 beautifully kept up
                      mini golf course, and 2 rollercoasters, and a few other
                      permanent amusement type rides. In addition, the old west
                      town of Rawhide (more western than Frontierland has ever
                      been, and more western than Knott's currently stands)
                      is on a 2 months hiatus while being relocated to the southeast
                      valley. Head em up Round em up Rawhide~ You thought
                      moving a wagon train west was a challenge, imagine moving
                      a WHOLE town! The north valley area will now have to go to
                      Cave Creek to see the old west now.

                      Of course there are several colleges and Universities including
                      ASU, which sports Uncle Walt as a devil for their school logo,
                      several hospitals, including Mayo, a desert botanical garden
                      and even a zoo. And of course we host the Fiesta Bowl and
                      Parade each year, too!

                      And even though the temperature often reaches 80 in December,
                      the Christmas spirit comes alive, with so many people outdoing
                      each other in Christmas light displays, the likes of which you've
                      never seen! With the weather so pleasant, people don't mind
                      spending more time outside putting up there displays!
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                        Re: Tell us about Arizona

                        Tucson-has the Wildcats @ Univ. of AZ (my alma mater)-who kicked ucla's butt todayin football---oh yeah!!!)

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                          Re: Tell us about Arizona

                          Originally posted by awinner
                          Tucson-has the Wildcats @ Univ. of AZ (my alma mater)-who kicked ucla's butt todayin football---oh yeah!!!)
                          Ugly....very ugly. And the USC score was....?

                          And who will be returning NCAA champion?

                          Nuff said.


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                            Re: Tell us about Arizona

                            Flying over Arizona, one will notice everyone there has a pool...

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                              Re: Tell us about Arizona

                              i live in AZ and have lived here since i was born!!!! same with my mom, sister, and brother. this is wat i can think of sayin about AZ (comin from a teenager):
                              *not ALL of AZ is super hot all year. Examples: Flagstaff, Pinetop, Prescott, etc. I mean, ya it gets up to 115 here in Peoria (1/2 hour out of downtown phoenix) during July but if go up to Flagstaff during July its like 88 and Flagstaff during winter, it gets down to like 20 degrees. The weather here in the Phoenix area is sooooooooooooooooo nice during late fall through early spring. Christmas weather especially. That kind of AZ weather is one huge part of why i love living here.
                              *its kind of nice getting to swim while the water is still warm enough. you see people swimming from april to september, which, to me, is pretty long for not having a hot tub or a heated pool.
                              *speaking of pools, you kinda cant live without one when youre living in AZ. lol. and if u dont have a pool, you most likely have at least a friend and a relative that has a pool and will let u use it whenever.
                              *not everyone is dressed up like cowboys. lol i thought it would be pretty funny if someone thought everyone really was.
                              *my friends say all the time that we dont have a fall or spring, and if we do, it probably lasts for only about a week. lol i agree.
                              *my sister has a friend that came here from new jersey or somewhere around there and her friend thought AZ was gonna be all desert with nothing to do. she was wrong. there building stuff LIKE CRAZY everywhere you go. house here, restaurant there, shopping center here, and more houses and restaurants. i dont know wat restaurant is less than 10 miles from where i live.
                              *since people are talking about parks, i guess ill just say something about it too. well we have none and could really use one. Castles n Coasters is pretty much really boring and the 2 roller coasters they have are both not that great. one is super small (i think they built if for the little kids so they can tell every one that they went on a rollercoaster and arent scared anymore. i know thats what i did when i was.....6. lol) and the bigger one is, well i think, looks funner than it really is. if all u want are loops (it has 2)and nothing else than this is your rollercoaster, but the ride only last about 20 sec. There have been rumors going around for years now that there building a Six Flags here. Ive heard this for so long i dont know if its true but it would be pretty cool
                              *Our basketball team,the Phoenix Suns, were 62-20, Steve Nash (guard) made NBA MVP, and the Suns got to the Western Conference Finals last season which was pretty awesome. (the games were soooooo fun to go to!!!)
                              *yes its true Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was filmed here. My brother told me this. he said they filmed a part at the ice skating rinc that use to be at metro center mall. ya its not there anymore and i never saw the rinc but i thought that was pretty cool.
                              *Chester Bennington from Linkin Park (lead singer) and Michelle Branch are both from here
                              *Our Baseball team won the World Series in 2001, but they have been really bad lately
                              *Theres three universities: ASU(known to be one of the universities to have the most partying), UofA(Mike Bibby from the Sacramento Kings went here), and NAU(the university that no one really talks about). When it comes to people talking about which one they like the most, you will hear most people saying they LOVE ASU and HATE UofA or LOVE UofA and HATE ASU. NAU isnt talked about as much as ASU and UofA, its kind of left out. The only people i cant think of who are for NAU are the people who went there (my spanish teacher.......thats all i can think of lol)
                              *Not a bad drive to California, only takes about a half a day, or less, depends on where u live.
                              *The mountains and forests are beautiful and very relaxing. If you love a place with a small population and not a lot of stores, just little ones, and is super quiet and peaceful, ya AZ has places like that, too.
                              *we are having the 2008 NFL superbowl at the new Cardinals stadium that is still being built at the moment which is pretty awesome.

                              well i cant think of anything else to write but if i think of something worth writing later, i might just come back and add it. for anyone who actually took their time to read all of this, your crazy, but thats ok cuz crazy people like that are pretty awesome!!!! if you wanna ask someone from AZ about this state, go to Disneyland during our spring break, but im warning you, it is ridiculously crowded!!!! lol see u guys in Disneyland...............or mayb here in AZ!!! AWESOME WEATHER NOW!!! lol

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