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Our pet(s) and why we love them.


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  • Our pet(s) and why we love them.

    What kind of pet do all y'all have, and what makes them so cool?

    I have two dogs, brother and sisiter, both Welsh tri-colored corgis, whose names are Ricky and Lucy. Ricky is awesome because he has one o' those laid back surfer type attitudes. If he could wear sunglasses, thy would fit him perfectly . Lucy on the other hand can be a bit of an itch with a "B" :devil: , but when shes, not shes the biggest sweetheart in the world and you cant help but pick her up and snuggle her. Ricky likes to play alot, and hes awesome. But so is Lucy, and I've gone and rambled myself into a corner now.

    How about YOU?
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    I have a LOT of pets. Oh which, my favorite is Nala, a pastel calico.

    She's been with me for 10 years now, and seems to be like a little person wrapped in fur. She cries when I'm not around, sleeps at my feet, and always knows when I'm about to awaken, and will come lay by my side. I can have the most stressful day, but when I pet her, she makes it all better.
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      i have four birds (two parakeets and two african grays)3 dogs(2 shelties and 1 great pyreneese) and two cats
      my favorite is toby my sheltie... i dont know why i guess its just because hes MY dog and i trained him since he was a puppy... my great pyreneese now is up to my waist and he still has about a year of growing (hes gonna be HUGE)


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        I have an African Grey Parrot, Boo (see avatar) and a chihuahua, Noel. Noel is spoiled rotten, cries, sleeps in my bed and steals Boo's bread when he drops it off his cage. Boo stays on top of his cage and only goes in to eat and drink. He loves peanuts. He says hey boo-boo, hello boo, hi, bye, Noel, come here Noel, Heather, afflac, barks like a dog, cries like Noel, whines like her when she wants to bury something, he teases Noel all the time, he laughs like me, clucks like a rooster. :lol: I love my pets....I've had MANY pets (some were breeders, sick ones that I was taking care of, etc. ) but these two are my favorites...(besides my deceased guinea pig Rodney


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          I have a pure bred chihuahua name Peppy... He is a dark chocolate colored, spoiled, loving, feisty-but doesn't bite, and almost human doggie!! He loves when company comes over, especially people he knows, preferbably women, and he brings out his 'babies'...I just got him this mini easter bunny, that when you press it, it plays a Irish jig..he loves it!! He has his own chair, and he loves to jump on top of the couch, and look out the window!
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            My sister's dog lived with me for a while and I got very attached to him, but now he's back with my sister and I hardly get to see him His name is Butch and he's half Lab and half Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is soooo cute and he is a very good dog (he listens when you tell him to do something and he like to play with his toys). I miss him...he is my Boo-Boo
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              I have one dog, Deogee (Deogge was a typo when I registered). He is a huskie mix and is seven years old. I have no idea what he is mixed with because he is fairly small, about 45-50 pounds. He looks like a small wolf. He is very laid back until it's time to go for a walk then he's like a Mexican jumping bean. He can jump higher than my head. He is an escape artist, one day he chewed through a wooden fence.

              He loves to go to the beach and body surf.


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                My baby-cat, that's what I call Shadow. Shadow is 3 years old, half Siamese (sp?)
                half Bombay. He has the coloring of a Bombay (Black!!!) with Gold eyes, Beautiful. He weighs 16 lbs. (big for a cat) but he has the attitude of a Siamese, he doesn't seem to like my husband or kids much but he follows me everywhere (hence the name Shadow...he follows me like a shadow).
                He thinks he's a dog, He plays fetch and will bring me a toy if he wants to play. He only is allowed outside on his leash (inside kitty) and he comes running if I take the leash down. He has been known to sample form the toilet bowl (yeck!) he sleeps next to me or on my head and likes to sit close to me (but rarely on my lap)
                and he talks like a siamese loudly and frequently (and yes I understand what he's saying!)

                He's my baby-cat, spoiled rotten. I love him so much.


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                    I have a Maltiese Chewie named after chewbaka (sp?) from Star Wars, Gracie who is the wife of Chewie who is a z Tu / Poodle mix. Joined by their children: the boys twins Chip and Dale, and their younger sister Spot. This is what happens when you believe daughters who say keep this one keep that one I promise I will take one. Yeah right , not in apartment in LA. They sleep with us, yes two adults and 5 small dogs can fit in a king size bed, they are lap dogs regardless of what you are doing. five dogs equals a box of Milk Bones every other day. Were stuck with them now their family is our family LOL.


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                      3 cats. One named Jar-Jar who's all black. Named her Jar-Jar because we got her the day Episode 1 came out. She had these big gold eyes, clumsy, and annoying as hell. So the name fit. It fits even now while she's grown. Jar-Jar sounds African as well and she is all slick and looks like an Egyptian Bassetti.
                      She had kittens and we kept two of them. A white Tabby named Lennox after the boxer Lennox Lewis and a grey tabby named Max after the true leader of the Lost Boys (The Vamp movie filmed here in Santa Cruz).

                      We also have a goldfish my wife named Adolph because he has a little Hitler mustache (Black Spot on his nose)

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                        Two cats (kittens - they're 6 months old) named Max and Mia. They're tuxedo cats - meaning they're black with white paws and bellies. They are the sweetest things ever... most of the time. They love to sleep at our feet and snuggle us (but more me than my husband), however sometimes at 5 am they decide it's time to play with my husband (never me, they only wake HIM up :lol: ) My husband like to call them pirate cats - they have great markings for a "pirate" cat and they also LOVE to watch the POTC movie that used to be (I'm not sure if it's still there) on Visions Fantastic.


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                          I have two crazy puppies...a miniature pinscher named Hercules and a pug named Mushu...I plan to have dog farm each named after a Disney character...
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                            I have a Beagle and 7 Cats.
                            Milo the Beagle,he was a pound Dog That I saved.After My wife, he is my best friend, this dog meets me at the door everytime I come home. And knows the meaning of W-A-L-K, when spelled out.
                            Wicket - tortiose colored cat, she was little she had a face like a Star Wars Ewok.
                            Squeakers, Orange and White, he should have been named Stretch!! This cat is limber!!
                            Then there's Thomas, he's your typical black cat with white Tuxedo chest!!
                            He is quite the greeter.
                            The rest are Momma, George(I hate this name, not my idea) next, Oliver from the movie.
                            And Beeper, she's 18 years old now, but doing fine, cow colored cat.
                            Milo loves these cats, If they get into a fight with each other, he breaks it up.
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                              i have a 5 year old yellow lab and his name is Harley......we couldnt figure out a name for him when we first got when we were driving home from the pet breeder with him as this cute little puppy, we saw a Harley Davidson motorcycle go by and thats how my dog got his name dog is really overprotective of me and the rest of my family.....he likes to sleep on our beds and always has to be in a room with someone and never alone.....if u ask him if he wants a Cookie, he will stare at you and get all excited and then he will make you follow him to the kitchen and out to garage where his cookies are.......i love my dog......he is the cutest thing and most spoiled dog in the world.......he sometimes gets cold at nite, and so we put his own blanket on him......he is my best friend and i would be so sad to have to say good bye to him........
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                                We are the happy owners of Rosie.
                                She is a 1 1/2 year old Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. She has a lot of personality and I love her as she was my baby. Wich she sort of is since we dont have kids yet.

                                London BABY!!


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                                  My dog's name is Sandy and she really is my best friend. She is a Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie) and I have had her for about a year and a half now. I had another dog while growing up named Amy who was a shelite mix, but we finely had to say goodbye to her last year as she was coming close to her 19th birthday Amy was a great dog and can never be replaced. But our family had room in our hearts to take anouther little animal into our lives.

                                  We had decided that we wanted a purebreed sheltie this time but we wanted to try to rescue one. It proved to be pretty hard but we were lead to a place that took in shelties that did not have a home. But right when we were ready they did not have any dogs for us. So we started thinking about getting a puppy but then we got a call from a man in a town about 300 miles away from where we lived at the time asking if we would like to take his sheltie. He said he found out about us from a breeder friend we had that knew that we were in the market for a rescue sheltie! We were so happy but soon we found out that Sandy had some problems. Even though she was only 2 years old she was very very heavy, about 50 pounds! That is very big for a sheltie. Although she is on the larger size of the breed she needed to drop about 20 pounds. We found out that she had a tyroid condition and all we had to do was give he a pill. Sure enough she droped the weight and soon we had a dog that can be quite a handful. When she was fat she was very inactive but once she lost the weight she could run and jump with the best of them.

                                  She loves to bark (something we have had to grow to live with since shelties are barkers by nature). She also love to play with her rope and ball. She get very upset if she does not get to sleep on my bed and can make some of the most pitiful noises you ever heard if she does not get her way! But she is very good at keeping herself under control during dinner time and is very dignified with her beging . She also loves to go shooting out of our back door and chase the bird away. But she is super smart and takes to training very well. Since I go to a liberal arts school that lets you take you pet to class with you she sometimes comes to school with me and does a very good job of making people take notice of her.

                                  In the time that I have had her in my life she has become my greatest friend that a person could ever hope for and she is a wonderful part of my family. Here is a picture of her guarding her monkee Sandy the Sheltie


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                                    We have a turtle named Spike and a cat named Lassie. I'm not sure that anyone loves them. :devil:

                                    I'm kidding! I love my Lassie so much....she's my baby.

                                    We're in line to get a teacup or mini shih tsu mix. So freaking CUTE. That would be my dream pet, and it's just falling into our laps!! We don't have to pay. The lady that does my nails has family members that breed the dogs and they don't sell them.....depending on how many puppies are in the next two litters, we might get one!


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                                      Originally posted by Pirate Wench
                                      I have a cat named Marie. She stands around like Timon all of the time. I should have named her Timone. She is still a baby, she will be 1 on 4/10 and is the sweetest cat ever. No one is as cute as she.

                                      Her pirate name in Mad Jenny Flint, she has a black eye patch.

                                      Princess Marie was captured by pirates and to survive she became a pirate too.

                                      I just realized, that makes me sound crazy! :lol:
                                      You know I was reading it and it made sence to me..... but your right it did make you sound crazy .........
                                      .......... now i am wondering if i am crazy as well? :lol:
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