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What was your favorite childhood toy?


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  • What was your favorite childhood toy?

    So what was your favorite childhood toy(s), what were some of your memories about it and what happened to it?

    Listening to all the stories about TS3 and about Andy saying good bye to his childhood friends got me thinking. My favorite toy was an old Steif teddy bear named 'Teddy'. We had some great adventures from being on my bed, playing like we were on 'Jungle Cruise' and the floor was a river filled with crocs and hippos, to Polar Bear hunting in the field near my house (my dog left some foot prints in some wet cement and I was convinced they belonged to a polar bear.. hey I was 6 at the time). Teddy lasted until I was 16. Then one day while we were out of the house, my moms dog thought it was a play toy and ripped it to shreads.

    While I haven't seen TS3 yet, I read some spoilers on it and I love how they ended it. When I heard that they were making TS3 though, I thought for sure they were going to end it with Andy telling the toys that he had a job for them, and then introducing them to his son/daughter, thus bringing the story full circle.
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    Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

    My childhood was very recent (as a teenager), but I used to love to play with Galador action figures. They were fun.


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      Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

      oh gosh..just like you Oogie..I too had a white bear with a red nose and cute black eyes...My "best friend" and me had some awesome adventures...sigh..the last time I saw him was when I was 10 years old... I miss him
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        Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

        My favorite toy was my set of mini stuffed lizards. My Mom got them for me while visiting Arizona...I thought they were the coolest things. Those lizards have gone with me everywhere, I consider them my good luck charms. I've taken them to Utah, Florida, the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, the list goes on and on. They are well traveled little things. LOL.

        Another favorite was these bizarre mouse like things my Uncle gave me. They are fly fishing 'hooks' minus the hook. I adored those things (I'll admit...I still do like them.) I bought them their own little carrying case, and they have a little hand drawn television in there. My favorite was the little, skinny, one...his name was Lucky because I kept losing him..then finding him again. I lost him in the elementary school parking lot, the elementary school field, the Albertson's parking lot, and at the hospital. He really freaked some people out, but I think he's cute.

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          Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

          Radar. He's a white (well was white. Now he's a gray-ish color) Gund teddy bear that I got from Santa's Village with my mom and nana. My mom said I could get anyone in the store and I picked this hard wood bear covered in fur. My mom was like "Are you sure? You don't want this cuddly teddy bear?" I took the white teddy bear (and how I remember this at age 4, and the fact that it was dark outside... I don't know I remember the conversations afterwards too.). I remember wanting sitting in Bobs Big Boy with my mom and little brother coming up with names. Peter Pan was one of those ideas and I picked Radar after Big Birds teddy bear (I had a huge crush on Big Bird when I was little).

          We would sit in my bed tent, eat dinner, everything. I still sleep with him and don't sleep well without. And when we got evacuated for the fires he was the first thing I grabbed. Oh and here's a picture:

          Not bad for a 25 year old teddy bear right?


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            Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

            Chester O'Chimp - a drawstring monkey who's mouth moved when it talked, and had a funny sounding laugh, and said a few different things, with an irish accent!

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              Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

              This was my favorite toy as a kid, the VertiBird helicopter. The picture below is how it looked in the 70s, when I had one. Several years ago it came back as Chopper Command, though there was a version of the Star Trek Enterprise as well.



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                Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                h, my Cabbage Patch kids, for sure. esp. mt first one - Sharona Sally. Barbies were favorties too,
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                  Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                  i was definitely a Barbie person, and stuffed animals. but the one thing i couldn't leave without was my blanket. according to my parents it was "blank" i seriously couldn't leave home without it, i even have pictures of me with it at Disneyland, i would show, but to scan photos is like rocket science ) actually i haven't really tried to scan photos, but i think for this thread i'll give it a try!
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                    Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                    I realize I'm dating myself horribly here, but does anyone else remember Fireball XL-5?


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                      Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                      Growing up in the eighties, the one I remember among many (and there is a reason for this toy in particular) was a part plush/part solid Mario toy from Super Mario Brothers. He had cloth clothes and hat, but hard feet and head, likely plastic.

                      I literally took him everywhere, including on vacations. However, somehow, Mario got left behind at a hotel on the way to the Grand Canyon when we checked out. Parents called the hotel even, as I was rather upset when realized I didn't have him, but they claimed ignorance that no such thing had been turned in. So, rather fitting with the Toy Story 3 never forget if you lose a special toy, really, in some cases. It makes me even a little sad now, looking back on it, honestly...

                      On a brighter note, I was crazy mainly about the He-Man figures, mostly the villains (which the character Twitch from TS3, from what I have seen, reminds me greatly of), and these very odd "only-in-the-80's" figures called Food Fighters.

                      Food Fighters

                      Besides them, my fondest memory is of a G.I. Joe scale, glow in the dark Creature from The Black Lagoon toy I got as a present. Hopefully he is still in a box somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered.....

                      This is a great thread, glad to be able to share, and keep them coming!
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                        Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                        Star Wars Vintage Boba Fett action figure

                        Transformers Generation 1 Soundwave which I still have.


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                          Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                          My favorite toy is one that I still have. It's my mom's Patti Playpal doll. She got it for christmas when she was 5 (we have pictures of it) and it was passed onto me when I was about that age. For awhile it was the same size as me, then it went up to my hip, now it's slightly shorter than my hip.

                          The hardest 2 weeks of my life when I was 8 was when the elastic bands holding her head on in the inside broke and we had to send her away to get fixed.

                          Patti is about 50 year old now and she still stays in my room (mostly because the basement is so packed as is, we have no place to put her where she wouldn't get damaged, even in a container.
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                            Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                            Two toys for me....

                            My doll..Sarah. I got her for my very first Christmas. It was a bit odd, looking back that I loved that doll so much, considering I was such a tomboy. But, she was my constant friend. She had a cloth body, and plastic arms and head. My mother had to make so many repairs to her! She always wore this little pink dress. I still have her...she's on the dresser, in my room at my parent's house. I hoped to give her to my daughter...but, she's totally uninterested in dolls. I can remember a road trip where I left her at a hotel, and didn't realize it till we were 2 hours down the road. My father actually turned the car around...and went back for her. We just couldn't leave her behind!

                            The second, I got in junior high. My father had a heart attack, and was in an Air Force hospital about 1 1/2 hours from home. It was during Easter. Me and my mother went to the store to stock up our hotel room, and I saw this little, brown bunny with long, floppy ears. She had a little pink ribbon around her neck and was so cute. I picked her up to look at her, and my mother took it from me, and put it in the cart. Maybe, somehow she knew she'd be a constant friend too.

                            "Bunny" is still with me. She's my traveling companion. She's been everywhere I have...tucked away in my suitcase. New York, Korea, Florida...she's been there. My husband thinks its hilarious...that she's my little "passport". She stays safely tucked away in my closet.


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                              Re: What was your favorite childhood toy?

                              I grew up in the 60s. I liked my Lincoln Logs and Legos.

                              I always likes to build stuff. I'd have all these fancy 'forts' and 'houses', and such. Some of them were quite elaborate!

                              It must be genetic, I still like to build stuff these days. In fact, just about everyone in my family, even as far back as anyone can remember, was involved (hands on) in building construction.



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