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C - Caring, Sharing, Learning


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  • C - Caring, Sharing, Learning

    M - Many Wonderful MiceChatters
    I - I Really Am Glad I Joined Up
    C - Can't Remember When I've Had So Much Fun
    E - Everyone Is So Helpful
    C - Caring, Sharing, Learning

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    Re: C - Caring, Sharing, Learning

    When you first join up on a website, you are perhaps shy. You hold back and you are afraid to share anything or state an opinion.

    I have read many threads, where the poster has beared their soul. Told their heartbreaking set of circumstances. MiceChatters have come back with such caring responses.

    Many threads have been started asking MiceChatters to share their feelings. I have found out that the majority of MiceChatters are big softees. They love their Disney, their family, their friends, and their MiceChat (not necessarily in that order). They are not afraid to get emotional. Not afraid to share and care and help a fellow MiceChatter.

    Lots of threads are started for knowledge. Tell me what you know. They have taught me a lot. Ask about Walt, they tell you. Ask about fireworks, they share. Ask about DCA, they are not afraid to be honest.

    Caring, and Sharing, and Learning. Thats a true definiton of what MiceChat gives to its members.


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