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Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked


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  • Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

    It's a long weekend here in Canada and some crazy stuff happening here locally - some not so good.

    Last night, after seeing Salt at the theater, we were driving home and saw a giant plume of smoke. A business complex a block away from the Club Penguin head office (yup, Disney's Club Penguin) caught fire - don't worry Club Penguin is fine so those of you on it, waddle away . Unfortunately this was a nasty fire for the firefighters to fight as there was a welding store and a chemical store in this building - therefore lots of explosions and toxic smoke. :yuck:

    Unfortunately, early this morning, a substantial amount of the chemicals leaked into nearby Mill Creek. From the reports that I've been reading on one of the local message boards there's some really nasty stuff in there. Mill Creek flows into Okanagan Lake. Currently, downtown at City Park very close to where the creek flows into the lake, is a very large outdoor sports festival happening (Centre of Gravity). The cops and firefighters are evacuating everyone out of the lake in the immediate area. There are a few water events as part of the Centre of Gravity fest including wakeboarding and jetskiing. After seeing the crowds downtown last night, I have to say there are probably a ton of people down there today. Lots of people, chemicals in the water, not good. Hopefully the firefighters and the Hazmat people can get it contained.

    And to add to this, the whole valley is full of smoke from the many forest fires that are burning around the province. What a great long weekend it's turning out to be.

    I hope I didn't get a whif of these chemicals in that fire because the plume of smoke was heading towards East Kelowna at around 11:00pm. My eyes were burning a bit last night and got a bit of a headache today.

    Here's some pics of the fire last night:
    Stewart Centre Fire
    Some pics of the chemicals in Mill Creek:
    Mill Creek chemicals
    And some of the local media coverage:
    Stay out of the water: CORD - Kelowna News -

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    Re: Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

    That's terrible!

    What a way to ruin a nice time!! All those people who came for the Center Of Gravity will be so disappointed. Sad.

    The welding supply place is not so bad, I work with that kind of stuff a lot. About the only stuff that'll burn is oxygen acetylene, and plastic.

    A full oxygen tank has about 2250 PSI in it, if the valve on top is knocked off, it'll take off like a rocket. It'll blast itself right through an 8" thick concrete wall! But all such cylinders have caps screwed on over the valve, just so that doesn't happen. In case of fire, they'll vent the oxygen out, but not explode.

    An acetylene tank has about 200 PSI. It too, has a cap over the valve, and it'll vent slowly too.

    Trouble is, oxygen will cause a small fire to rapidly become a big fire! And acetylene is EXCEEDINGLY flammable, and easy to ignite. Really easy to ignite. Just get it near anything that's almost red-hot and POOF!

    The chemicals are a completely different story. I don't know much about them though. Other than a lot of it is harmless, but there's also some pretty nasty stuff too!


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      Re: Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

      And some tragic news to add...

      A water bomber went down fighting a forest fire near Lytton, BC. The crew of two did perish:
      CBC News - British Columbia - Water bomber crew confirmed killed

      Not a good long weekend.


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        Re: Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

        Seems like fires are breaking out all over.

        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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          Re: Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

          Originally posted by Druggas View Post
          Seems like fires are breaking out all over.
          Here in BC it's pretty bad because of all the dead trees thanks to the pine beetle. Since we had the major fire here in Kelowna back in 2003 that took out about 300 homes, every summer since then has been smokey.

          Right now there's a nice lightning storm passing thru the area. Hardly any rain coming from the clouds so there will be some more fires burning.


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            Re: Fire and Smoke - Crazy Long Weeked

            Apparently your fire cause a weird weather day for us in the San Juans. I thought Sunday was just weird cloudy with the occasional break for weird orange sun. Turns out it was the smoke from the fires. It was supposed to be sunny here that day. Weird... Never thought something in Canada would affect/effect me.


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