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Tell us about Delaware


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  • Tell us about Delaware

    The state of Delaware is another of the east coast states. Only Rhode Island is smaller than this state, by area. Population is about 800,000. The capital city is Dover. Largest city is Wilmington. It is nicknamed the First State.

    What interesting facts, do you know about this state?

    Tell us about Delaware.

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    Re: Tell us about Delaware

    Um, they have very permissive banking laws which is why many banks are headquarted in Delaware.

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      Re: Tell us about Delaware

      Ah yes Delaware, been there several times. Delaware has NO state tax! Makes shopping a joy- they have some really awesome outlet stores and that is where I go to the Disney Store Outlet :clap:

      Delaware is also where someone had made a fraudulant credit card by swiping my card and charged over $1500 on my account

      I try to use cash only when we go shop there now I don't need that headache again!

      Peach blossom is their state flower....


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        Re: Tell us about Delaware

        You Know You're From Delaware When... You know where, what and when the Hummers Parade is held.

        "Vacation" means going to Rehoboth or Cape "Cantaloupe" Henlopen.

        You know the best subs come from Capriotti's.

        You used to play in the wooder in the crick, and caught fraugs.

        Your school classes were canceled because of 3 snowflakes.

        The whole state panics and uses all of their road salt for those 3 snowflakes.

        You love the beach but hate the tourists.

        You know about punkin-chunkin and you have your favorite chunker.

        You know someone who went to school with one of the Capano's.

        You've eaten scrapple sandwiches.

        You can identify all the major types of manure by smell (especially chicken!)

        If it takes more than an hour to drive to, you're not going.

        You know what a "slippery" dumpling is.

        You know who YouDee is.

        Somebody in your family has worked for the DuPont Company.

        You think the "Apple Scrapple Festival" is perfectly normal, except for all those granola types running in the 5K race.

        You think, maybe, just maybe, you might get a White Christmas. Then it rains.

        The highest point in the state is a rise on the golf course.

        The state has one hill. You've been sledding on it.

        You remember WAMS and WCAU (BARSKY in the morning!).

        You know NewERK is in New Jersey, but NewARK is in Delaware.

        You know how to carefully pronounce the name Foulk Road.

        You talk of Northern Delaware and the entire Eastern Seaboard as "above the canal."

        You know if another Delawarean is from southern, middle or northern Delaware as soon as they open their mouth.

        You know the name of every street in Delaware, but have no idea what the route number is.

        When you want to go out for a nice dinner, you have to switch states.

        You can remember when Maryland Bank (MBNA) swallowed up Ogletown and Putt-Putt.

        Everywhere you go, you always run into someone you know or went to school with.

        You know what Newark Night and First Night are.

        You know exactly which roads to avoid due to the CONSTANT road construction.

        You love Dollie's salt water taffy and Grotto's Pizza. You know where all of the late-night 24-hour rest stops and restaurants are.

        You can remember when Christiana Hospital was a field with cows.

        You remember when Christiana Mall had a Galaxy arcade.

        When you go out of state to shop or eat, you are always surprised about the tax

        You know the differences in housing in Elsmere, Pike Creek, and Greenville.
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          Re: Tell us about Delaware

          Drove through Delaware once... loved it so much that I wanted to move there :lol:
          Good morning, son
          In twenty years from now
          Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
          And I can tell you 'bout today
          And how I picked you up and everything changed
          It was pain
          Sunny days and rain
          I knew you'd feel the same things...



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            Re: Tell us about Delaware

            Delaware... err.. umm...

            I pay a lot of my bills there, and they have flat license plates on their cars.


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              Re: Tell us about Delaware

              Let's see what random facts can I rattle off about my native state. Native state? Like I ever left....born, raised, educated, worked, married, and still living in the same county in DE. And yes, we only have 3 counties. Come on...look at how small we are...would you divide us up into more than 3 counties? I think not.

              The best subs do come from Capriotti's!! BTW, they have locations in Las Vegas, NV.

              It's spelled Dolle's, not Dollie's. And everyone knows you get your salt water taffy from Dolle's and you fudge from Candy Kitchen.

              Oh and DE does have taxes, we just don't have sales tax. We are one of 4 states that do not pay sales tax. (can you name the other three?) We do pay state income taxes and property taxes.

              Beside being the First State for ratifying the Constitution on December 7, 1787 (aka Delaware Day), we are also known as The Diamond State, the Blue Hen State, and Small Wonder.

              Blue Hen comes from our state bird. The story goes that during the Revolutionary War soliders from DE carried these birds and used them in **** fights. (I got censored...okay how about "male chicken fights") Apparently, they were pretty good. Hence, it became the state bird and the mascot for my alma mater the University of Delaware...whose name is YouDee. Get it...UD...YouDee. Well yeah what do you expect from such a small state? BTW, UD is located in NewARK. At one time the name of our town was two words...New Ark. This explains our ability to pronounce it correctly.

              Our nickname the Diamond State came from a quote by Thomas Jefferson where he declared DE to be a "jewel" of a state. It's my favorite nickname.

              Small Wonder came across in some contest in the 1980s.

              We are named after Lord de la Warr, who never stepped foot inside our state.

              We were once part of the colony of Pennsylvania, but separated from PA before the Revolutionary War. We celebrate Separation Day in New Castle, DE every June. We used to be known as the "lower 3 counties of pennsylvania." New Castle was once our capital, but is now Dover.

              The Mason-Dixon line runs the North-South border of the DE/MD, so DE is technically EAST of the Mason-Dixon.

              And yes...we do like chemicals in our water. 200 years of du Pont's industrial waste has that effect on you.

              At one point DE had quite the peach crop going on until a blight came along and killed it. That is where we get our state flower from...the peach blossom.

              State colors are colonial blue and buff (blue and gold) for the Swedes that settled DE. It's also the colors of UD.

              "Slower Lower" is any area below the C&D canal, which pretty much divides the state into northern and southern parts.

              Disney, like many companies, is incorporated in Delaware. That is why the trial last year with Michael Ovitz took place in Georgetown, DE.

              I don't know anyone who went to school with the Capano's, but a relative of mine did marry one of them.
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                Re: Tell us about Delaware

                Originally posted by MandaBella
                Oh and DE does have taxes, we just don't have sales tax. We are one of 4 states that do not pay sales tax. (can you name the other three?) We do pay state income taxes and property taxes.
                I'll gladly give up sales tax in NJ! :lmao:


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