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A Cure For HIV/AIDS May Have Been Discovered!


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  • A Cure For HIV/AIDS May Have Been Discovered!

    I'm going to let the article say it all:

    Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV In 'Berlin Patient'

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    Re: A Cure For HIV/AIDS May Have Been Discovered!

    the article is encouraging, but remember that they had to replace his entire immune system and that he had leukemia. The fact that he survived means he is extremely lucky, as the procedure is still pretty risky. This donors' genetic mutation only exists in 1% or so of Caucasians. It's a step in the right direction, but by no means a cakewalk just yet. Given the conservatives' attitudes towards stem cell research in the U.S., Americans might have to wait a while before this process even reaches our shores.

    Researchers report possible HIV infection cure; others cite dangers -
    Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.


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