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What Would Walt Do?


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  • What Would Walt Do?

    if Walt were to see what Disney looks like today, what do you think he would like and dislike and why do you think that?

    I think he would be very impress with how widespread the company is globally these days and with all the new technology they are using.

    He would probably hate the sequels though.

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    Re: What Would Walt Do?

    He wouldn't hate all the sequels. Just the bad ones.

    He'd probably really hate what the Disney Channel has become -- actually, everything that targets certain age groups rather then everybody as a whole, such as the playgrounds that are in the parks.

    I think he'd rather like the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. That's one movie that, in many ways, just seems like an updated version of the movies made during Walt's time -- especially because of the ghost story aspect (who wasn't freaked out by the Banshee of Darby O'Gill when they were a kid?).

    I'm still torn about whether he'd like Who Framed Roger Rabbit or not... on one hand, I'm sure he'd like the concept and story (and, of course, the "Walt Sent Me" password). On the other hand, not sure if he'd be willing to let his characters be associated with something so adult. Me? Love the film... just have always wondered exactly what Walt would've thought of it.


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      Re: What Would Walt Do?

      Walt obviously would have hated the POTC PC updates and probably would have hated the way pressler and harris treated his Disneyland.


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        Re: What Would Walt Do?

        ahem ahem ahem.... hummmmmmmmmmmmm

        (to the tune of 'What would Brian Boitano do?'

        What would Walt Disney do if he was here right now
        He'd make a plan and he'd follow through, that's what Walt Disney’d do

        When Walt Disney was starting out drawing Oswald,
        He did two circles and a large one too while wearing a blindfold
        When Walt Disney was in the alps, watching grizzly bears
        He thought up ‘true life’ movies because Walt did care

        So what would Walt Disney do if were here today
        I'm sure he'd kick an arse or two, that's what Walt Disney’d do

        When Walt Disney traveled through time to the year 3010
        He reinvented animation and saved the human race again
        And when Walt Disney built the pyramids, he beat up Tutenkaman
        'Cause Walt Disney doesn't take **** from anybody

        So what would Walt Disney do if he were here today,

        He’d fire some people and cut mid management too, cuz that’s what Walt Disney’d do.

        Growing older is manditory
        Growing up is however, optional


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          Re: What Would Walt Do?

          Bravo Oogie, Bravo! Just for that he should also give you more air time . That Jack is always taking the lime light away from you.


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            Re: What Would Walt Do?

            You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to OogieBoogie again.


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              Re: What Would Walt Do?

              Originally posted by Boingonut
              Double that


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