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Walt and The Davinci Code (mild spoiler)


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  • Walt and The Davinci Code (mild spoiler)

    As the Davinci Code comes closer to theatrical release and the book remains on the top seller list, how do people feel about the book's treatment of Walt Disney and the Disney company? The book makes some interesting points and while the book does have a few historical errors for the purpose of a good plot, it's also filled with little known, but accurate bits of history. I've always sensed a certain love of nature in Disney's works, but I have not heard anything about Walt being a Mason, nor participating in any secret societies.

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    Re: Walt and The Davinci Code (mild spoiler)

    Cos, the thing with secret societies, is, ah wait, I can't tell ya, its a secret.

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      Re: Walt and The Davinci Code (mild spoiler)

      I read somewhere that Walt was indeed a Mason, but that was as far as it went. As for him hiding symbols around Disneyland or being part of a national conspiracy to promote masonic idealism throughout the world....I think it's part of the same ficitonal crazy tabloid stuff that is found throughout the book. The tricky thing is how the author blends historical fact with tabloid journalism. Much of the book is taken directly out of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" which is tabloid journalism at its finest. These are the same people that insist that Elvis was abucted by aliens. (When we ALL know that Elivs is living on a commune in Roswell with Walt's frozen head in a meat locker. )


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        Re: Walt and The Davinci Code (mild spoiler)

        actually, I saw Elvis at a Gas Station a few days ago
        What an idiot....

        Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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