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Angels (Baseball) By Any Other Name?


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  • Angels (Baseball) By Any Other Name?

    I'd like to get the feelings of other Mice Chatters that might have an opinion of the Angels attempt, now in the courts, to change their official name to "Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim".
    I've been going to the Big A and rooting for the Angels since the stadium first opened in 1966. (From the original LA Angels to California Angels to Disney's Anaheim Angels, the name of the team when it won its only World Series in 2002).
    For those that don't know, the team was referred to as "Los Angeles" or "L-A" in the standings and schedules and such last year, with no city mention at all on uniforms, or within what is now called "Angel Stadium".
    My feeling is that while I'm not especially fond of the new name, Arte Moreno owns the team and he has the right to make such a change, so long as he doesn't move the club. I just call them "The Angels". The city is guilty of not having better wording in the 1996 stadium lease, which only requires "Anaheim" somewhere in the name.
    And the city, in my opinion, is spending valuable tax dollars in a legal that should be used elsewhere.
    What say you?
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Angels (Baseball) By Any Other Name?

    Go Giants!
    Oh wait, sorry. Wrong post.


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      Re: Angels (Baseball) By Any Other Name?

      Yes Arte has the right to change the name.

      But it's STUPID!.


      THE LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM have been the laughing stock of professional baseball for the entire year!!

      Why not the San Francisco Giants of San Jose?
      Or the Buffalo Yankees of New York?
      Or the Akron Indians of Cleavland?

      The ANGELS play in ANAHEIM STADIUM in the city of ANAHEIM!
      The ANAHEIM Angels won the world series, not the LOS ANGELES ANGLES OF ANAHEIM.
      LOS ANGELES already has a team...AND THEY STOLE THAT ONE!!

      Arte has been listening to marketing idiots. When the Anaheim Angels win two or three championships back to back, the marketing will follow.

      They're not LOCATED in Los Angeles.
      They don't get many FANS from Los Angeles.

      WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!! :bang:


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