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Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!


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  • Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!

    Hi everyone! I've never actually introduced myself but I've been on the forums for a couple years now I think? I actually found this site through a former site i used to follow I think it was called disneyland forever or something like that (I really don't remember). That site came to a close and I was scouring the web for a new site where I could find the latest disney news. I tried a few other but eventually settled here. Its kind of sad but I'm on this site most of the day. I just wanted to say thank you to whoever started this wonderful site and for the people who keep it running. It really has an impact on peoples lives including mine. I don't know what I would do if this site closed. Also thank you to everyone in the forums for the great conversation, It is so fun interacting with fellow disney lovers.

    That being said I wanted to introduce myself a little:
    This is Me on the left (girlfriend on the right)
    The following is basically a summary of my life, I know its long. You don't have to read it, but I just felt like sharing it with anyone who wanted to listen.

    I am 24 years old, I grew up in Atascadero, CA. As a child I grew up getting signed into Disneyland for free by my aunt who worked there and actually still works there in the Character Department. I loved going it was a place of magic, a place of wonder and I never wanted to leave. When I was 6 (my aunt somehow got us access to the reserved seating area for Fantasmic, right next to one of the technical control booths). I was simply stunned! I was so amazed at the special fx, I knew in the back of my head they weren't real but I still couldn't figure out how they did that! specifically getting a 40 foot tall dragon to appear as if out of thin air (I know the technology behind it today and it still takes my breath away). Something was planted in me that night. A seed, a fascination. When I would watch the show again I tried to stand right behind the tech booth every time to watch what they were doing. My mom was the Choir Director at our church and when I was too old to sing I started helping in the Tech booth. I did this up until High School, When I was a senior I got the chance to work with some Martin Mac 500's at the church. They are moving head robotic spotlights similar to ones used on the lighting towers in Fantasmic. I started developing my skills as a lighting designer and did that until I graduated. When I graduated from high school I had the chance to attend school in southern california. I chose to go to westwood college in Anaheim to study graphic design. I enjoy working with colors. I ended up working at Disneyland and quitting school. I started working there in October of 2005 as a photographer I actually technically worked for Kodak, not disney (This was before photopass). I worked there until July 2006 and moved back to Atascadero. Within 2 months I had landed a job at my old church as the Technical Director of Student Ministries. We had just build a 2.5 million dollar student center with a quarter of a million spent of A/V Technology (All of which i had the opportunity to manage) I worked hard at that for 3 years with little changes to my job. I never previously mentioned somewhere in high school I learned how to play guitar and I had been in choirs throughout elementary school and high school. One day the Jr High worship leader was not able to make it to youth group that night, they knew I could play guitar and sing so they asked If I could fill in since it was such short notice. With hesitation I said yes, I ended up doing surprisingly well and was able to make the band sound better than they had with the worship leader. After a couple months the worship leader left and they asked me to step in. I got to lead worship once a week in front of Jr. Higher's (a pretty scary thing). I eventually got pretty good and the band was getting tight. We ended up recording an album which we never released but it was quite a fun experience and a great learning process. After about a year I was asked to lead worship for High School youth group once a month. A year later I was the only worship leader they wanted to use and they were even having me play once a month in our main services on Sunday mornings. Things were really look great! I also got to be the creative director of a highly immersive conference called Awaken video of this last year can be seen here
    I managed all of the sound, lighting, projection, video and every concept for anything creative during the conference (we did 5 of them over the coarse of my job there). We did some projection mapping onto the set which I got to head up (similar to what they do on its a small world and the castle at WDW. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done. It all turned out great. I used my passion for tech that I had developed over the years, which had all started with fantastic at age 6. So far it is my life's greatest work. That being said after 5 years of working there basically doing 2 jobs for the past 2 in half years I was so tired and needed something new. I quit the job there and am now working as the Worship Arts Director of a VERY small startup church in Visalia, CA called Awaken (Ironic haha) I miss the big resources I had at the old church but this is much less stressful. I'm sort of at a crossroads in my life and I don't really know whats next but I know God will take me somewhere big! I have been working on a worship album as well which if you'd like to listen to it so far you can check it out here joeyhalderman's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I wrote 2 of the songs (We See You, and Carry Me) The other two are covers. I skipped a lot but basically I love disney. I currently have an annual pass and go to Disneyland about once a month despite living 3 to 4 hours away. I also still do freelance graphic design some of my work can be seen here Joey Halderman I have a dream of being an imagineer for Disney or a show producer/lighting programmer or operator. If anyone can help me with this dream please let me know! Thank you for your time. I look forward to chatting with you all on the blog!

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    Re: Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!

    Its a little late but.... Welcome to MiceChat! And I appreciate you sharing your life with us! Its really cool to see peoples back stories, to see a bit of who they really are and to get to know them better! You've had a pretty amazing life for someone so young! :lol:

    Ummm... with your background and expertise with lighting etc, I would think you would be able to get into Disney doing something similar. Maybe at an apprentice level to start... Have you checked into what kinds of jobs in that line are open or have you applied for any?

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      Re: Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!

      Wow I really enjoyed reading that! Sounds like God has some mighty big plans for you! Keep it up. Good luck in your endeavors. Maybe I'll see you in Imagineering someday!

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        Re: Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!

        Hey there. Great Story!
        I would encourage you to find your way back to Disney "somehow" and see if you can't grow your job into the type of position you dream of. I know many people working in the creative side at Disneyland and all of them started by working in the parks or TDA even as a secretary (The Secretary, a man, is now a creative director who also is still and art student and an art teacher here in OC but has an awesome job at Disney as well)You never know where a job at Disney is going to take you.
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          Re: Thank you mice chat/mice age! and my life story!

          If it's the same site I'm thinking of, it was called Disney Forever, or dF. It was around from about 2003 to 2005-06. I used to post there too until it closed down. I came to MC and posted a lot but over the years my posting here saw dwindled significantly. Hope to see you around!


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