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Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!


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  • Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

    Welcome to a trip report to my first comic convention: The Calgary Comic Expo at the BMO Center (Stampede Grounds). In the past I've seen Coheteboy's reports (and others) from SDCC, now it's my turn to report from my neck of the woods.

    First of all, I want to say is that I only took a few photos today as my new Fuji camera had a problem and I had to leave a little earlier to return it at Costco and exchange it for a better one. Having said that, these few pictures aren't that great which bugs me as they are all celebrities.

    The biggest highlight this year is that Calgary is the only con on the con circuit that got the whole Star Trek TNG cast together! Met the whole cast today (Patrick Stewart tomorrow). I asked Denise Crosby when was the last time they were together like this and she said probably since she left the show. So onto the pics...

    First off, lets go to the universe of Buck Rogers...

    Erin Gray! I had a crush on her when I was younger, but who didn't? She still looks great! I told her when I was watching Silver Spoons, all I wanted was that train. She laughed and said the whole crew wanted to take the darn thing home and ride around on it. I got a nice pic of her as Wilma Deering signed. Great lady.

    Next up, and filmed in my home province of BC... Battlestar Galactica...

    Richard Hatch. Great guy. No line-up at his table so we had a good little chat. He signed my Season 1 Blu-Ray set for me.

    Me and Chief Tyrol - Aaron Douglas. Aaron had no line-up so we started chatting. We're both from BC so we chatted about fishing. He's kinda unemployed right now so I think I may get another autograph from him tomorrow. The gray-haired guy to Aaron's left is Lance Henricksen. Got a pic signed and my Season 1 Blu-Ray set. Tomorrow I'm adding Katee Sackhoff's sig to it.

    Next up some Star Trek TNG. Unfortunately, photos weren't allowed for most of them, but you could take from a short distance while they were signing.

    Jonathan Frakes

    Gates McFadden

    LeVar Burton handing me my signed photo.

    Hopefully my new camera is better than the one I had today and I'll have some good pics tomorrow.
    Funny thing is. I think Wil Weaton had the longest line-up of the TNG cast, well that is, until Patrick Stewart shows up tomorrow. Getting an Autograph from Patrick tomorrow.
    The TNG cast was the highlight today. Marina and Brent were awesome!

    So far I got autographs from:
    Erin Gray (Buck Rogers)
    Richard Hatch (BSG original and re-imagined)
    Aaron Douglas (BSG re-imagined)
    LeVar Burton (ST: TNG)
    Michael Dorn (ST: TNG)
    Marina Sirtis (ST: TNG)
    Jonathan Frakes (ST: TNG)
    Brent Spiner (ST: TNG)
    Gates McFadden (ST: TNG)
    Denise Crosby (ST: TNG)
    Wil Weaton (ST: TNG)

    I got all my signed photos personalized. I'm not one of these guys that goes and sells them on eBay after. And it makes it more special for me.

    Tomorrow, Sir Patrick Stewart and Katee Sackhoff, and maybe a few others. Stay tuned!

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    Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

    Here's some pics from today...

    Time to get the last autograph I needed of the Star Trek: TNG cast...

    Captain Picard himself!

    The line-ups for Patrick and Stan Lee were crazy.

    Next-up the lovely Katee Sackhoff from BSG!

    I think I'm in love! :thumbup:

    The man behind Darth Vader, David Prowse.

    I had to go back and visit with Aaron Douglas today. He was wearing an LA Kings jersey and I was wondering why...

    Why'd our team have to lose in the first round?:crybye::lol: I got another autograph from Aaron. He remembered my name from yesterday which was cool. I really liked what he put on today's pic. I'll post it later.

    Since my camera foul-up yeasterday, I had to re-visit with Richard Hatch and Erin Gray again and the pics turned out good...

    Next up Disney fans, it's Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too! Here's Jim signing my Blu-Ray (My first Disney DAC I got signed)

    Me and Jim. I asked him to do Tigger for me and he did. One of the highlights of my day.:cool

    Now for some wrestlers...

    Honky Tonk Man! Didn't realize he lived here in Calgary for 5 years and really loves the city.

    Ted "The Million Dollar Man" DiBiase

    Jake the Snake Roberts

    I got a really good video of these guys reminiscing about Andre the Giant at their panel.

    More pics to come!


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      Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

      Some more pics from yesterday...


      "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

      Christian Potenza was really enjoying his time with his fans. I remember when he was in commercials for Listerine.

      Some cosplayers...

      Me and Star Trek Voyager's Garrett Wang. Great guy. Had an awesome chat with him. It was funny, at first I didn't recognize him as he grew his hair out. He said he's been mistaken numerous times for a Native American. Asked him if he's been doing anything since Voyager and he said he's left the mayhem that is Hollywood and enjoying other things. Cool guy.

      Nice big wall of T-Shirts, too bad there just isn't enough money in the wallet...

      More pics to come!

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      More pics...
      Cool robes, but pricey...

      When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***!


      Don't know why but Photobucket flipped this photo. Jake The Snake Roberts, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and the ***** Tonk Man. Their panel was great. All great guys.

      When Star Trek and Star Wars Collide. Star Trek's Garrett Wang having a blast with Star Wars fans...

      A really cool Lego display...


      I was completely satisfied when I found him!...

      Bishop! Lance Henriksen at his presentation. Again, very enjoyable.

      When Batman eras collide...

      My most favourite pic I took at the Expo...

      She's got big... GUNS!


      Me and R2. Unfortunately he wasn't signing autographs...

      That was my day 2. I did have a great geek moment that I'll never forget while I was walking out to the exit. Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner walked by me so I thanked them for coming to Calgary. Both Worf and Data thanked my for being a fan. A great little moment that I'll never forget.

      I'll post more pics from today tomorrow.
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        Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

        Hooray for Comic convention trip reports. One of these days you will have to come down for Emerald City.


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          Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

          Honky Tonk Man!

          Great report!
          My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:


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            Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

            Here's some more pics, from yesterday...

            The line-up in front of me:

            The line-up behind me from the same point:

            Line-up going towards the Saddle Dome:

            I had to go visit with Katee again. I would've been stupid to not get a photo signed by her:
            (Don't know why photobucket flipped the pic again, it's been acting up lately [I think its got something to do with Flash Player])

            Richard Hatch signing a photo for me. Again I would be stupid not to get a photo from him. Aaron, Richard and Katee all signed my BSG Season 1 Blu-Ray set for me. I had a really nice chat with him.

            One of my favourite costumes throughout the whole weekend, Mini Dr. Who in the Tardis:

            The Battlestar Galactica panel was frakkin' hilarious. Aaron, Richard, and Katee all had us in tears we were laughing so hard.

            Next up, in the Coral, the Star Trek TNG Love Triangle panel. Jonathan, Marina, and Michael's panel was also quite hilarious (and dirty too!). The menage a Troi as Marina put it.:lol:

            Some more pics from the hall...

            The King was there!

            All proceeds going to Michael J. Fox's foundation.

            Who you gonna call?... Geeks and nerds!

            Emma Frost

            More pics coming shortly.

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            More pics...

            A cute looking Belle:

            Yes, real lizard:

            My photo of John de Lancie was blurred.

            TRON sirens:

            Notice the placement of a foot:


            Hard to believe its been 25 years since the Enterprise-D began its missions. As luck would have it, they all gathered for a group signing while I was inline to meet Robert Englund...

            Let the pics speak for themselves. Sorry for the blurryness in some...

            James Marsters' presentation. I've only seen a handful of Buffy episodes, but I do know who Spike is...

            And the last, grand finale presentation of the day, Sir Patrick Stewart...

            It was an awesome weekend! Definitely going again next year! :thumbup:


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              Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

              Very cool! I've never been to any comic con of any kind so its always cool to see other pictures of the events! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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                Re: Trip Report: Calgary Comic Expo 2012!

                I completely forgot to ask Katee if she'd hop into a bubble bath with me...


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