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How do you feel about the Gap?


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  • How do you feel about the Gap?

    (Inspired by the "How do you feel about Walmart thread")

    I'm asking this question with trepidation knowing that this thread could possibly end up in the litter box based on what I know of what a lot of people in Santa Cruz think of the Gap.

    I'm torn because I love their clothes and love their prices and it's where I shop for my entire family. But when we're all sitting there in our Gap clothes hearing some of the awful stories I feel very uncomfortable and wonder if I should rethink where I shop. I just wish there was another store with the same style, quality and low prices because if I knew of one I'd be happy to shop there!
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    Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

    can't help don't shop there.

    Have never liked the place, staff or the other customers.
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      Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

      I shop their sales and clearance rack and have gotten some great deals over the years. Plus their sizes run big so its a bit of an ego boost

      I've never heard anything bad about them.
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        Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

        I've never really been a big fan of the Gap's clothing selection. Not a lot to choose from, especially in the kids clothes. I did use to buy my daughter's school uniform shirts from there because they were "girlier" than the ones from Lands End.

        Oh, and their backpacks are indestructable.

        Other than that I just don't shop there because of their selection.

        What's the back story on why some people don't like it?

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          Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

          I just think the clothes are so...boring. I don't look down on it or anything, but if I'm going to spend money on clothes they'd better be really cheap to be that bland.
          All the clothes seem to go together and it all looks the same. Not an interesting fabric in sight, not a reaction-worthy pattern on the premises. If you want to blend in with the walls and avoid Karen Walker-esque criticism, the Gap is for you. Otherwise, Bloomingdale's/Macy's/anything else is just around the corner.
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            Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

            I've been a Gap fan since the 80's. Friend of mine used to work there and he would get me discounts every now and then as well as give me heads up on different sales they were having.


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              Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

              This article might shed some light on the problems Princess Buttercup is referring to...but it looks like the company is at least taking some positive steps.


              BTW...Is GAP CEO Paul Pressler the same guy that used to run the Disney Parks?
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                Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                Yeah that's the same guy. He knows his retail but doesn't know squat about theme parks.


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                  Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                  I don't shop there. No reason to pay so much for clothes. I also find their commercials, most notable the ones for Old Navy, to be rather annoying. I see no reason to fund my annoyance. Pressler I really just use to show off my Disney dorkdom. However, my favorite hoodie, is actually from The Gap, but ti was a gift.


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                    Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                    Originally posted by pussnboots
                    I just think the clothes are so...boring.
                    Funny...that's why I like them. I like shopping for clothes about as much as I like cooking. If I find a shirt or pair of pants that fit well , I go "Okay, this works " and buy 5 of each in different colors. My shopoping is done for the year...YAY! LOL


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                      Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                      Too trendy.
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                        Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                        The clothes are ugly in my opinion... And it's to high a price, atleast it is in Canada... Walk in there and your like, eek!!! Were getting an old navy soon, and since thats the same company that owns the gap it's basically the gap, but cheaper, and better clothers!

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                          Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                          I'm a former Gap Inc employee. I worked 3 years at one of the busiest Gap Outlets in the state of Florida (met my fiance working there actually). I actually like their clothes, and while I was working there the majority of my wardrobe came from there. Since I no longer get as discount, my closet is far less Gap though, because retail prices are quite high. Best my budget can handle these days in Old Navy.


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                            Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                            once in a while i'll buy something at the gap, but I usually shop at old navy. I've never heard anything bad about the gap

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                              Re: How do you feel about the Gap?

                              i like the gap, but i only shop at the outlet or the clearance racks, otherwise it's too expensive. i usually like old navy, but lately i haven't seen anything good there (which is a bad thing for my closet, but a good thing for my wallet!)


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