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Graduation Party: need ideas...


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  • Graduation Party: need ideas...'s almost official. In 24 days (well less than that if you count my last test as my last day of class, which is almost 2 weeks before graduation... Or do you count candle lighting as the last day? Anyhoo) I will be a nurse. I will be graduating with my LPN, and yes I do plan to go for my RN (and I'm actually thinking of going for my Master's in Public Health, because I love trauma nursing and the logistics of figuring out what to do in a mass attack or zombie apocalypse, and you get paid a lot of money to be that person). This is a huge deal. Many of you may have been here when my world kinda' collapsed. Many of you may not have known I fought, lied, and was horrible to my parents because I didn't want to get my degree. So this is a big deal. So much so that when I got my cap and gown I cried, and every time I pass by it in the hallway closet I get misty.

    That said I need ideas. My grandparents, my uncle/god-father (who said I wasn't smart enough to be a CNA), cousin, my brother, and sister-in-law are all flying in from California to see me walk. Furthermore my parents, sister, one of my good friends (and her parents) are going to see me walk. And added to this we're having a party at my house with some gals from my writing group coming (along with everyone else). So here's my question/need... I need food ideas for this mass amount of people. I usually am good about figuring out all this stuff. But there are things here that I'm not good at, people's diets and such. So here's the food limitations:

    1.) My grandfather has diabetes (type 2).
    2.) My uncle has diabetes but doesn't acknowledge it.
    3.) Grandma, mom, and grandpa have high cholesterol (I'm thinking my uncle does too).
    4.) My cousin just lost 200lbs.
    5.) My sister in law is a vegetarian... unless she's drunk and then beef is a veggie.
    6.) Me? I have no sense of smell so I like food that is super flavorful. My mom's standard joke is if it tastes like someone dumped 1 cup of sugar too much, added too much hot sauce, salt, vinegar, or garlic Kim (me) will love it and say it's the best thing ever.
    7.) My graduation is at 3:30pm. So food has to be pre-made, made before the party, in a crock pot, or...?

    Any ideas? I am thinking of doing pre-made sangrias, gin with cranberry, and bloody Marys in Mason jars before the party, putting them in the freezer, and then taking them out and yay instant drinks! Also having iced tea and water. My school colors are red/gold.

    Thanks! I just feel kinda' lost with all these people's restrictions. I kinda' want to say "it's my day. My food."

    (And I know gin and cranberry juice may not sound yummy to most, but gin is my favorite alcohol. It tastes like trees. And bloody Marys are my grandpa's favorite drink, and mine. They have a special place in my heart).

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    Re: Graduation Party: need ideas...

    Sugar free Jello!

    There's always room.

    Congrats on your graduation, I always knew you were smart enough!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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      Re: Graduation Party: need ideas...

      Congrats!!! What an accomplishment. I'll be graduating in one year.
      I think it would be fun to have all appetizer food from like Costco. Enough that all the appetizers could make a meal. As well as salads and maybe some low sugar or sugar free options for the diabetic people? I know most appetizers are pretty unhealthy but there are so many that are healthy too. I always eat the best food when I go to wedding and baby showers. And it's usually all healthy. Healthy fruit and skewers and veggie skewers are usually a hit. Anyway if any of this interests you, I took the liberty of looking up some sites:

      Quick and Healthy Appetizer Recipes and Menus | Eating Well

      Healthy Appetizers | Taste of Home Recipes

      Good luck with everything!

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