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  • Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

    I've noticed there are a lot of us Disney fans who are also obsessed with magic of annother kind... The magic I'm talking about is the magic of performance and the theatre.

    I guess I was just wondering how many of us here have done some acting or are seriously involved in the "buisness" so to speak.

    I guess I should start off with myself though, eh?

    Well... I did local theatre things in starting at the age of 4 or 5 with my local repretory theatre. It was lots of fun, but dance and gymnastics consumed more and more time to the point that at about 9 when my brother was born it was too much for my mom to deal with. I got back into it in 8th grade & have perfomed in different things in High School and now college (at SFSU) ever since. Now I'm a theatre major (emphasis in performance) at San Francisco State University. Still no fantabulous jobs, but I'm working on that...

    So I've said my bit...


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    Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

    I'm a theatre arts teacher--does that count?

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      Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

      Honor Thespian by my Junior year of High school
      Won awards at state for writing directing and acting
      "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
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        Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

        I work as a stagehand. Never did any acting; we work in the dark, dangit! My friend jokes we must be part cockroach- we both run when the lights turn on.
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          Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

          I want to get into theatre, but that will happen when I finally get my liscence which will hopefull be in a week or two if I pass the behind the wheel. I make my own computer animated cartoons using flash animation though. I have taken a theatre class though and talked to animators. But for now, that is all my experience.


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            Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

            As a young teen, I acted on episodes of "Crime Story" (NBC, I think), and a few movies for HBO. I was instructed on a weekly basis by a director who worked with Errol Flynn and some other top stars. I also had the late Maceo Anderson of the Four Step Brothers as a tap instructor (and family friend). With that, I performed on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon at age 12.

            In my late college years, I steered myself behind-the-scenes and worked as a cameraperson and floor director for news broadcasts and a talk show at a local network.

            I was also the Casting Assistant and Extras Coordinator on the feature film "White Boys", and a Digital Effects Artist on the independant film, "While Supplies Last".



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              Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

              I am an actor. While I have not yet reached the level in my career that you would know or even recognize me, I continue to work toward that goal. I started late in life... about 6 years ago... which, in Hollywood years, isn't a long time. While it can be monumentally frustrating waiting to catch the "big break" I'm having a great time doing what I love. In the very beginning I did some extra work on several TV shows and feature films. It was through a fairly steady stream of work on "Days Of Our Lives" that I acquired my AFTRA membership. I'm also a member of SAG. In the meantime, I continue to keep in shape and have fun with community theatre. If you're interested, here's a small website I've put together:

              If you are in casting: please call my agent!
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                Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

                I teach theatre arts and codirect my high school's play. I was also involved in theatre in high school too.

                Not professional, but a lot of fun!
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                  Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

                  Originally posted by iluvstitch

                  So I've said my bit...

                  I have done nothing in the field, my youngest daughter on the other hand has been on Broadway in NYC, she is now working in a offbroadway play. and yes she has a second job to pay the bills.
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                    Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

                    I've been in one short idea where that thing ended up going...probably ran out of money.

                    Also I'm in my twelfth play at the local community theatre, and I've been in three of my High School musical productions. I'm skipping out of one act this year, one because I dont like the director, and two because I want to have more time for work hours and for Chicago, at the community theatre.

                    And as of last year I am an "International Performer" I love being able to say that.
                    What an idiot....

                    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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                      Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

                      My first couple years of college, I always took acting classes. I would love to perform, but it's too time consuming. I need time to work and for school work and church.
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                        Re: Theatre/Drama/Acting/Tech/Directing?

                        In high shool I was on the props crew, then props mistress then for my final play I was the Assistant Producer. Crazy but fun. I miss it TONS but have no time to even try to get into community theater and no money to see any plays or musicals. :lol:
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