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  • Spring break

    Since spring break is almost here I am curious: what is everyone planning on doing? Going on any trips? Who is going to DL?

    I'm going to Monterey for a few days to just get away and relax. I can't wait.
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    While I tecnically don't have Spring Break, I am going to Florida in April. Sadly no Disney this time around, but I'm going to Universal and maybe Sea World. Plus it's my first time to the state, so it should be a lot of fun.
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      We're heading south on the I-5 tomorrow for the week. Legoland on sunday (too crowded at DL). Staying at the DL Hotel. Weekdays at the Parks (yes, even DCA).

      We'll miss the meet at noon on sunday, but we'll be back in June. Maybe then.


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        I might go for the heck of it-- the week of 3/28 possibly.
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          Spring Break??? I wish I was young enough to have a spring break...LOL

          I'll be working while y'all work on your tan... have fun (and stay safe, please)


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            spring break is next week.... Though i'm currently enjoying my 3 day weekend... thank sto tacher planning day tomorrow....

            I'm doing homework thought over it....


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              House cleaning. That is all. Sigh.
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                I'm ON spring break this big plans, just taking it easy at home...


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                  Spring break.... sigh........
                  I love Spring break.. I will be working all Spring break... plus trying to get my house back together after 3 months or renos. My Sons will be home from school ( I love when there is no school) I have about 29ish days till we go to florida.

                  Spring break is nice but I dont enjoy being on holidays at the same time as everyone else. I look forward to helping the many tourists I will see during this holiday time....
                  I mostly look forward to having every room in my house clean and tidy at the same time ! I could not get to my computer all weekend cause we were laying more tile and we could not walk on it...

                  Have a wonderful Spring Break to all those who are traveling!
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