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  • Start Your Own MiceAge Archive!

    A few months ago I started my own MiceAge Archive, and you can too. All I do is save each article onto my hard drive. I have a folder named "MiceAge Archive" and in that I have a folder for each author, including MiceChat (for the Roundups). Each article then has a folder within its author's folder. Now this morning, Alian Littaye's lovely article on DLP's Nautilus arrived on MiceAge, and here's what I did:

    First, I went to the first page of the article and went to File>Save Page As. Keep in mind you will have to do this for every page. Then a window popped up asking me where I wanted to save it.

    I then navigated to my MiceAge Archive folder. Notice that there is a folder called "Guest Columnists". Alain is a Guest Columnist, so that's where I went.

    Now normally I'd start a new folder for a guest columnist, but Alain has written for MiceAge once before, so he already has a folder.

    In Alain's folder, I then started a new folder for today's article. Now it's important to keep in mind that Windows wont allow certain characters, such as question marks "?" or Slashes "/ \" in folder names, so you will have to make allowances for this. If you wanted to you could also put the date in the folder name, but remember, no slashes, so in this case it would be "A Whale of a Tale 3.11".

    Then I saved each of the three pages in that folder. Notice that Al names each folder with a code with the author, (gu, Guest Columnist) date, (03 11 05) and page number (a, b, c). You can rename the pages if you like, BUT NOT THE FOLDERS! They contain all the images for the article pages and renaming them or the images they contain would result in broken links.

    That's it! Keep in mind this is merely a suggestion of how it could be done, you can organize your archive however you like. For the MiceChat roundups, I simply name each folder with "MiceChat Roundup" and the date, like "MiceChat Roundup 3.9".

    Now of course, this archive will be great in a year or two, but some of you are probably saying "Ok, that's nice, but I want a MiceAge Archive from the past few years." I can help you too. The Internet Archive has been archiving the internet for public reference since the 90's, and they have quite a few articles for MiceAge archived too. To get to them simply search for in their Wayback Machine, or follow this link:*/

    One more thing. There has been plenty of talk on MiceChat about a possible Archive CD, and having a MiceAge archive online. Kevin has said that having a free archive would under value the articles, and I agree completely. I know a lot of time goes into writing these articles, and we dont have to pay a dime to read them. So, please keep your archives to yourself, dont put them up online and dont sell them (and that would be illegal anyway). Mine is only for my own personal enjoyment and use. If MiceAge wants to put up or sell archived materials, they will. I know we're all honest folks here, so just be respectful.

    Ok, I'm done, sorry for such a long and Image heavy post, but I figured some of you might find some use for it. Good luck on starting you own MiceAge Archive!
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