Hey guys! First off, I hope this is the place to post this kind of thing. I originally wanted to post it in the Disneyland forum, but this seemed the safest place. For the last few months I have been making a weekly Disneyland news and information "newscast" of sorts on my YouTube channel Disneyland Weekly and thought that it was a good time to post it on here to see if there was anyone interested in subscribing or adding input to make the show better.

I have been a lurker of this site for years now and thought that a weekly video of some of the news here (with links back to the full stories here on MiceAge.com) would be a good addition to YouTube. I have had pretty good comments and feedback so far, but now I am showing it off to the "masses" here on MiceChat. Please be gentle and subscribe if you like it or leave feedback if you think it can be improved.