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A little video and fun for us Disney fans!


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  • A little video and fun for us Disney fans!

    Hi everyone, I was driving home one night a couple of weeks ago, and, as you do was singing along to Disney music on the way home.

    When "Part of your world" came on, I was singing along and suddenly started singing "In Walt Disney World" - which sparked an ember, which quickly grew over the drive home into a raging "forest fire" of ideas to re-write "Part of your world" to be about wanting to be in Walt Disney World.

    So I started writing and eventually came up with some lyrics, and tried singing them through, some small tweaks here and there and I ended up with the full song, which I recorded tonight, and put some photos too...

    Here is the link:

    In Walt Disney World - YouTube

    I am not doing this for self publication or promotion, just to share this fun idea I had in a multi-media form with like-minded people! I hope you can enjoy it, and can empathise with some of the references in the song!!

    Also, if by chance any of your own photos are on my video, please contact me and I'll credit you in the video, again this is all just for fun and entertainment!

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