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Guide To Determine If You Are In A Jerry Bruckheimer Film


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  • Guide To Determine If You Are In A Jerry Bruckheimer Film

    For all you wonderful people out there in the dark:

    1. Your girlfriend is a waitress, but could be a model.
    2. A bus explodes.
    3. A psychopathic millionaire devises an elaborate plan to murder you or someone you know ...
    4. ... and you feel compelled to stop it.
    5. You are Nicholas Cage.
    6. Despite a total lack of training, you are able to shoot and fight with the accuracy and ability of a special-forces soldier.
    7. You are a cop or scientist, but could be a model.
    8. A building explodes.
    9. After capturing you, a terrorist with a foreign accent reveals the details of his plot in a long-winded speech.
    10. The light always hits your face in just the right way.
    11. You are in a shootout on the streets of a major city ...
    12. ... and it involves helicopters and rocket launchers.
    13. Everyone around you is a model.
    14. Teams of well-trained henchmen are shooting at you, but they all miss.
    15. You are engaged in a knockdown-dragout brawl with the leader of a major crime organization ...
    16. ... in slow motion.
    17. Everything that has not yet exploded explodes.
    18. You save the world.
    19. Your name is Jack.
    "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde

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    Re: Guide To Determine If You Are In A Jerry Bruckheimer Film

    Truly one of the very best threads ever made.

    you forgot the folowing:

    20. after winning the big game in front of a huge crowd, the slow clap of a single individual starts everyone to applause and cheers.
    21. you can be qualified to travel into space by being an untrained every-guy.
    22. You have a nemesis that makes himself look stupid in order for you to embarass him in front of your peers.
    23. Pop culture phrases are regarded as true wisdom.
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
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