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  • Club 33
    Well, Despit all the mud slinging, and I'm not saying he doesn't seserve it, Michael started off well. In the 80's, he did do a good job, and even had his fair share of sucesses in in Disneyland. The problem was, he overstayed his welcome and stabbed many people in the back. Think Darth Vador, Good>Not So good>Evil. And so, now he "Steps Out". I personally think he stepped out just to make it look like he was in control of the situation, which is exactly what he always does, or did. He's an english major for crying out loud!

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  • CrazyDreamer
    started a topic Disney Senior Project Help

    Disney Senior Project Help

    I'm writing my senior project on Disneyland and would like some of your thoughts about the park to include in my report. Specifically:
    -What are your thoughts about Walt Disney?
    -What was your first trip to Disneyland like?
    -What is your opinion of Michael Eisner and why?
    -In what direction do you think the park should be headed for its next 50 years?

    Thank you for any opinions, I apologize if this should be in a different forum...

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