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Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals


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  • Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals

    That cannibalism occurred during the colony’s “starving time” was never in much doubt. At least a half-dozen accounts, by people who lived through the period or spoke to colonists who did, describe occasional acts of cannibalism that winter. They include reports of corpses being exhumed and eaten; a husband killing his wife and salting her flesh (for which he was executed); and the mysterious disappearance of foraging colonists.

    The proof comes in the form of fragments of a skeleton of a girl, about age 14, found in a cellar full of debris in the fort on the James River that sheltered the starving colonists. The skull, lower jaw and leg bone — all that remain — have the telltale marks of an ax or cleaver and a knife.

    “Historians have to decide whether this type of thing happened,” said Owsley, who has examined thousands of skeletal remains, both archaeological and forensic. “I think that it did. We didn’t see anybody eat this flesh. But it’s very strong evidence.”
    Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony - The Washington Post

    Captain Smith, how could you?

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    Re: Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals

    Hadn't seen that before, but I guess I can see it. Thanks!
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      Re: Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals

      None of this was in "Pocahontas", I wonder why they left it out of the story?


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        Re: Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals

        As I understand my history, this was a result of the company not planning things correctly. Remember, they came over for the sole purpose of finding gold and other precious metals. They brought over the skilled tradesman and equipment to do that but they didn't bring over the right people to farm and hunt to sustain the community.
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          Re: Jamestown: America's first settlers were cannibals

          Exactly right they were starving to death.


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