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Driving habits that make you mad


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  • Driving habits that make you mad

    After going back and forth to my mother's apartment this week, I found this one habit that has made me mad beyond belief.....

    On small streets with cars parked on both sides, why do individuals feel its OK to stop as long as they put on their hazards. Aren't hazard lights for emergencies only, but people just stop, often for long periods in the middle of the road. Do these lights make it OK?

    What other driving habits get you mad?
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    Re: Driving habits that make you mad

    Can't stand when people let go of the steering wheel and let their car slam from left to right on the guide track. Or when they suddenly stop in front of me without even tapping the non-existent brake lights. Or when some perfect stranger jumps onto the side of your car and magically makes it go when you had absolutely no intention of going. These, and other things...
    ~ Erik


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