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Vegas - when to go?


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  • Vegas - when to go?

    Hubby and I are thinking of taking our first trip to Vegas but... when to go? I know to avoid holidays, but (like Disney) is there a "value" season
    when hotel prices are cheaper? Also, we want to make sure we have swimming weather.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Re: Vegas - when to go?

    There was something on TV a week or so ago about Vegas. I think they said in addition to Sun-Thurs that actually Summers tend to be a bit less crowded and you can get some better deals since no one wants to be in Vegas when its 120 degrees. :lol:

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      Re: Vegas - when to go?

      Most of the good times to go are filled with conventioners. While they make great poker opponents, they tend to increase the room rates.
      1. Weekday. It's like night and day versus the weekend. Weekends are nearly packed.
      2. Decide whether you're going to spend a lot of time in your room or out of it.
      3. Decide whether you'll spend most of your out-of-room time in the hotel/casino or in other hotels/casinos.
      4. Go to a hotel's online reservation calendar. Some of them will tell you the rate by date on the calendar. It's pretty cool. There are huge differences in rates at some hotels. Hard Rock has a calendar like this.
      5. Nascar weekends are big. The Electronics Show week (recently concluded) is bad. There's a NAPTE (TV shows and hangers-on) convention that's very busy. Super Bowl weekend is busy. You can tell when the big conventions are by checking the LV convention web site.

      If you're in LA, check the Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar section.
      Or you can try priceline or I have no experience with them, though. I'm wary of not getting a non-smoking room. Sometimes those third-party sites have no control ofer what you get. That's why I recommend the hotel's own web site.
      And, yeah, it's hotter than hell in Vegas in July and August. Even at midnight.


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        Re: Vegas - when to go?

        Offseason would be now until mid-March. It might not be warm, though, and some hotels take the opportunity to close their pools down for maintenance.
        Early December is supposed to be real slow there.


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          Re: Vegas - when to go?

          We've been during the summer...Hot doesn't even begin to describe it! BUT...swimming is nice and the casinos are nice air-conditioned!

          We've also been the week after New Years - very uncrowded..but enough people to make it fun. And the rates were good.

          We've also been the week after the Super Bowl...again..very uncrowded. And good rates.
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            Re: Vegas - when to go?

            Indeed, in summer, when the daily temp is over 100F, prices and crowds tend to be lower. Although, except for New Year's, you can almost always find a reasonably priced package during the week. I highly recommend going with an airline/hotel package. You can often get your room and round trip airfare for less than it would cost you just to fly. I booked a package through America West last Valentine's Day and got a pretty good deal for airfare and three nights at the Luxor ( The weather was really nice in February. One of the Luxor pools was open, but the temp may have been slightly below pool weather for some folks.

            I recommend picking up a copy of "The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas". It has great information about the hotels, shows and restaurants and lists all regularly scheduled conventions. It will also tell you the advantages and disadvantages of visiting at different times during the year. There was a clothing merchants (MAGIC) convention going on when I was there last year. The airport was crowded, but that was the only time I noticed.

            Which reminds me, if you're going to fly, I highly recommend hiring a car ahead of time to transport you from the airport to your hotel. The lines for a cab can be easily 30 minutes or more. There's a separate area just for limos and town cars which allows you completely bypass that whole mess.


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              Re: Vegas - when to go?

              Originally posted by sediment
              Offseason would be now until mid-March. It might not be warm, though, and some hotels take the opportunity to close their pools down for maintenance.
              Early December is supposed to be real slow there.
              Except the week in early Dec. that the rodeo is in town!

              I wouldn't sugggest summer... I went at the end of July... driving from CO and by the time we got there, my eyes were almost swollen shut. They hurt the whole weekend. No desire to do that again
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                Re: Vegas - when to go?

                Any time is Vegas time!
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                  Re: Vegas - when to go?

                  I usually go between oct-dec, and april-june. the prices year round are always cheaper during the week and less crowded. Excalibur seems to be the cheapest and best hotel on the strip. i prefer the Luxor. And sometimes if i want to save a bit more, I stay one night on the strip, and one night in Primm

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                    Re: Vegas - when to go?

                    Now I'm homesick.

                    Summer is the best time to go. The crowds are low and the heat is not as bad as people like to remember. You're inside gambling most of the time right? And sleeping away the day right? Seriously, I recommend summer. It's not bad at all at night and that's when you want to stroll around anyway, it's beautiful.

                    Do you want to stay on strip? Try to be centrally located to where you'll spend most of your time. Stratosphere, Sahara, and Circus Circus if you're wanting the North. Bally's, Caesars, Paris etc if you want the middle. MGM, Luxor, Excalibur for South. Each section offers its unique features in gambling and non-gambling so do your research as to what type of stuff you want to do other than gambling (shopping, clubbing, sight seeing).

                    Want to stay downtown? Golden Nugget is a really nice hotel! I stayed at that one when my FIL came to town and I really liked it a lot. The Plaza has some really awesome rates from what I understand (and that killer late night Asian buffet). I've always wanted to try the Golden Gate just so I can always take advantage of the awesome $1 and $2 shrimp cocktails (the one with the prawns and imitation crab is great for $2). One of my co-workers used to have her family stay at the Californian and she said the rates were good.

                    Off-strip, depending on how far you want to go, there's Green Valley Ranch (VERY nice hotel, iffy staff, far away from strip), Palace Station (stayed there, it's pretty good and nicely located just off strip) and I've heard good things about Red Rock Station (mostly 'cause it offers the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon if you like that type of stuff but it's way off strip).

                    I don't know anything about the ultra lounges (not my scene) but the restaurants.... on and off strip I can really guide ya there depending upon your cuisine preferences. PM if you want some more info in that direction (I can go on and on and...) BUT I have to plug my two favorite off strip scenes: for the Sushi lovers you HAVE to go to Hikari sushi on Tropicana and Buffalo. All you can eat the best sushi for $25 a pop (the WHOLE menu is all you can eat! Tempura, rolls, everything!) It's seriously the best sushi I've ever had with huge pieces of fish with miniscule balls of rice and the best service too. For dessert, Luv-It Frozen Custard just north of the Stratosphere. Hmm....

                    Must see freebies are the Volcano and white tigers at Mirage, Forum shops at Caesars, Bellagio's fountains at night and their magnificent indoor gardens, the lions at MGM, and view the Gondola rides at the Venetian (look for Matt and wave!).

                    I hope take me with you you have a lot of seriously take me with you fun and let me know if I can be of any other help!

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                      Re: Vegas - when to go?

                      Value season would be the week prior to Christmas or the heat of summer.

                      Best time to go is springtime. Vegas weather is amazing in spring - very pleasant. Try April.

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                        Re: Vegas - when to go?

                        Summer tends to be cheaper due to the heat... but as some have already pointed out... the casinos are icy cool and you're not going to be outside all that much. (OK... when lying nearly naked by the pool you have to remember you're in the middle of the Nevada desert. Don't overdo it!) Definately check the various hotels' online rate calendar. Cheap rates are available from time to time throughout the year. The rates fluctuate wildly depending on if a convention is in town, etc. If you're flexible, you can choose a time with the cheapest rate. Now... let me whisper something in your ear:

                        STAY AT THE SAHARA HOTEL AND CASINO

                        Rates as low as $39.99 per night... on the strip. They are way to the north and a bit out of the thick of the action... but the Las Vegas Monorail stops at the hotel and will whisk you to the major strip action in mere minutes. I've been going to Vegas for years. In my opinion, these are the nicest rooms at the cheapest price you will find. It has a nice casino that is comfortable and friendly... the kind of place you want to come "home" to. Room service food is not expensive... pamper yourself. Book online for the best price... then ask politely for an upgrade at check in. At first they'll say no. Then you will get a upgrade. I love this place!

                        You'll find nice rates also at Imperial Palace, San Remo, Tropicana, Boardwalk, Barbary Coast, New Orleans and several other places. Trust me: they're dumps.

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                          Re: Vegas - when to go?

                          Las Vegas in April is wonderful. The weather is comfortable and warm.
                          It is not very hot. The kids are in school after spring break.
                          In February, it can rain. During the summer, it is very crowded.
                          Great rates are available at springtime.


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                            Re: Vegas - when to go?

                            OMG! Thanks everybody for the great advice. I can't wait to start planning now! :clap:
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