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The Larrea Castle in Quito, Ecuador


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  • The Larrea Castle in Quito, Ecuador

    -please move if posted in wrong forum!-

    You have probably all imagined living in a Disney castle of your own, well, in the 1960's a wealthy family from Quito, Ecuador, buit a castle in the city for their large family. It is evidently inspired by sleeping beauty castle, except at a larger residential scale!

    My mother recalls visiting it when she was young and the family still resided in it. She recalls that there were many sumptuous interiors such as a library and a real medieva armour room!

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wilfrido-Enriquez-Castillo-Octubre-foto-Quito-concurso_ECMIMA20130131_0027_4.jpg
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    Sadly, in the early 2000's it changed ownership to an insurance company, who a couple of years ago decided to make it give its way to high-rise condos, even if the castle has been declared architectura patrimony . The blueprints and concept art dont seem to respect the original architecture nor gardens, and its quite depressing!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	935546_593919343959916_485779053_n.jpg
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    I just wanted to share this with other Disney fans, as everytime I drove by I couldnt help but thinking of Disneyland and humming a Disney song. Its loss wil be such a pity.
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    Re: The Larrea Castle in Quito, Ecuador

    The castle is very nice...!
    at the best place...!
    what is the cost of this castle?
    The castle is really impressive...!


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