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I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!


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  • I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!


    Bailey our soon to be 11year old son is having a pirate themed bday on Friday. I'm fresh out of ideas...and need your creative help!

    First off - the Invitation

    I'm making them on the computer tonight...using a dark ivory/brown resume type paper and making it look like a treasure map. I'm going to burn the edges of the paper and crinkle them so they look old. I think I can come up with something clever for the wording...

    I want to do a cool scavenger hunt for them...but do you think that at this age it's dorky? Bailey still kinda clings to some little kid ideals and I worry that some of his friends who are coming won't view it as cool. But I know Bailey will LOVE it!

    So what should I have them hunt for? Individual pirate booty or one big prize...or should I split them up and have them go on a real scavenger type hunt through the neighborhood. (I'll alert my neighbors..they are all so sweet and have all raised kids!)

    What foods should I serve? We'll have "rum punch" - don't all pirates drink rum punch? And I'm lost after that?

    We'll watch The Goonies, Pirates of The Carribbean, National Treasure. Any other good pirate adventure movies you can think of????

    Help out here people....I know we love to talk about pirates and I'm not just talking about Mr. Depp!
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    Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

    Earlier this month my oldest nephew had his 8th b-day party and since he is into POC, I got him a treasure chest. Ikea has these toy chests that look like pirate chests with locks on it (Locks are attached by velcro). Inside I had a bunch of chocolate gold bars and chocolate coins along with torn up gold and silver ribbon and ring pops. On the inside of the lid I did a small sign that said 'Happy 8th Birthday Johnny'. On top of all of it was a stuffed dragon (the guardian of the treasure). The whole thing cost me less than $40 and it was a total hit. Just a suggestion for a 'pirate present' on a budget.
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      Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

      Kyler did an Indiana Jones bday a few years ago, but we had treasure chests and stuff. Family Fun has a recipe for a treasure chest cake that's really cute.

      We did a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood and the "pirates bootay" aka treasure was a treasure chest pinata.

      Oriental Trading company has cheap swords that you can buy by the dozen

      We did a code on the invitations, aged the paper and then rolled it up like a scroll. The boys liked it!

      For food I think we just did pizza :lol:

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        Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

        One idea for the scavenger hunt, is to make it a treasure hunt. Hide the gifts in various areas. Each time a gift is found, have a note or 3x5 card there with a clue for the next place. Don't have anything out in plain sight (unless its so small that its easily passed over), and watch the fun. I've done something like this twice now for my family members and not only do they love it, it makes the gifts more meaningful.
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          Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

          Rent Walt Disney's Blackbeard's Ghost!

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            Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

            these are all good ideas! my son loves pirates too and his birthday is next month. kids love scavenger hunts and people always seem willing to help out. you could take newspapers and make pirate hats. decorate them with big feathers, etc. are they too old for that?

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              Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

              did this for T a couple years ago...granted he was younger, but some of the ideas will still work...


              We were in our living room so I covered all the extra things (decorative baskets, a pretty stack of books, end table, etc...) with the plastic gray tablecloths...I let them be bumpy and so they resembled rocks...

              suddenly we have a cave feeling...

              continuing to the table...

              I used a plastic blue table cloth down first to resembe the ocean. then in the middle I put a couple odd sized boxes and coverd them with a green plastic tablecloth, to resemble an island. on the top of the island I put the cake (a treasure chest, very simple homemade cake...everyone loved it.-I'll explain in a moment)
              and to finish it off, I placed a toy pirate ship on the blue (ocean) took a black sharpie pen and drew a broken line all over, even made it loop around itself thru the water, to the shore and up to the cake, then of course the big black X it was so cute perfect centerpiece and it set the theme perfectly...

              I also sprinkled some gold coins around (you can use chocolat or plastic favor type, I did both, chocolate on the table, plastic on the rocks)

              the cake was easy...I made a basic poundcake, but you could bake anycake in a loaf pan...

              cut off the top rounded part, this will become the lid to your treasure chest.

              frost the wholebottom part of the cake (the chest) brown including the "top" inside need the sticky factor. with a fork drag thru the frosting to resemble wood grain...
              do this to the top piece "lid as well" but leave it set aside for now.

              for the treasure, use rock candy broken up to resemble jewels, more chocolate coins, ringpops, even a strand of decrative pearls (not to be eated) pile them up on the top of the treasure box. spilling some out and around. Carefully place the lid on top at an angle, so it looks like an open lid, secure with toothpicks if nessesary ( I used the dowels from the rock candy)

              gotta have dinner, I'll be back with more later


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                Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

                Stuff that comes to mind:
                Black balloons
                Paper Skelletons
                Candy jewelry
                A parrot
                Temporary Tatoos
                Cake shaped like an island or tresure map
                Chicken or Turkey legs (I be willin' to share I be)
                Blue Jello with Gummy fish ????
                Pirate Booty bag

                Don't forget Peter Pan!

                I went net searching and found a site with some pretty cool ideas.
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                  Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

                  pixie chick had a pirate party for her son and had great stuff. He is much younger than your son but you could make games more grown up. She put the mickey mouse pirate figures on the top of the cake. They had a treasure hunt and treasure chest pinata. It was allot of fun!!
                  Good luck!!!
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                    Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

                    yep, we just did a pirate party last month for pixie kid's 5th. i went much more "store bought" than usual & didn't stress myself out as much as usual either (although where's barbie may have seen things differently...hahaha!) i actually taped PotC (the ride) to show on a loop, but had some technical! i found a "pirate" CD & played that instead.

                    anyway, i got most of my stuff from party city...they had lots of pirate stuff. i also bought the cake toppers from DL, they were part of a play set. we can't do real old-fashioned scavenger hunts around here anymore, but i did a "treasure hunt" (a set from party city) with mr. pixie chick dressed up as a pirate at the end to give them their gold pieces. we had a bounce house & a treasure chest pinata. for favors at the end i gave out treasure chests filled with little toys & candy.

                    this is the wording i used for the invitation:

                    Ahoy Matey!
                    Captain Tommy hereby invites ye to walk the plank!
                    Chart yer course for the South Bay on
                    Saturday, the 17th of December 2005 at 12:30 p.m.
                    We be in search of a fresh crew of bold buccaneers!
                    Set sail for treasure hunting & swashbuckling adventure!
                    Arrive in yer finest pirate gear!

                    123 Main St.
                    Torrance, CA

                    Yo, ho, ho! Let us know by the 10th of December!

                    i'll try to post pics tomorrow if you would like to see them. :captain:
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                      Re: I need birthday party help....Pirate Bday! Argh!

                      Oh...great ideas everyone!!!

                      I just finished the invites...they are quite cute...

                      I need to take them downstairs and burn the edges...

                      I ordered a cake from a lady in town who does really great cakes...I'm taking a chance not seeing what I'm getting in advance...but I've seen her work and her cakes are really cute...She's doing something piratey...and it's red velvet! You can't beat red velvet!

                      I'm seriously thinking old fashioned scavenger hunt...I think the kids would get a kick out of it...but I worry that all the kids are not as well behaved as my kids and would be rude to my neighbors...hmmmm....this will require more thought!!!

                      Thanks NA for the food suggestions...I knew you'd have a few ideas!

                      I did buy Bailey a parrot for his shoulder (not a real one!) and got the kids all eye patches and black pirate flags. I was thinking of making a huge black skull and cross bones flag for my flag pole outside...think my neighbors would love us flying the Jolly Roger?
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