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Writing A Disney Essay

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  • Writing A Disney Essay

    Hey All!
    For my final American History Paper I need to select a primary source and write an essay interpreting how it was understood at the time it was create and how it continues to be understood today, connecting the source to its historical context.
    I'm a little loss at what specifically about Disney I should write about and how I should go about it/what sources I should use.

    So far I've been looking at: WWII Propaganda production but I'm not sure how I should go about it/ if there are any other interesting topics related to walt Disney to write about.

    Any ideas are much appreciated!

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    Re: Writing A Disney Essay

    If you are set on focusing on Disney for this project, there are many aspects you could to explore, depending on your time frame, your location and how long the essay is suppose to be. It also depends on your interests.

    As an example, a recent topic on this boards have been rascism in by Disney. If you are interest in that type of topic, you could look at the movies and / shorts of the 1930s and 1940s. Song of the South was a financial hit but even at the time, was criticized by the NAACP for being racially insensitive; ironically James Baskett was awarded a special academy award for his portrayal of Uncle Remus in the film. You could see if the contemporaneous reviews address this performance in comparison with today's view of this performance.

    If science interests you, you could look at the Man in Space series Disneyland TV series to see how the 1950s saw the space race, with the knowledge that Spunik had not yet been launched. There are some interesting comments about nucluear energy in the 1964 Worlds Fair soundtrack for Progress City.

    If you are interested in WWII, check out Victory Thru Airpower. If you are interested in city planning, there was comments by famous architects on the building of Disneyland.

    If you are into politics and Disney, you could explore Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon's connect with Disney. Or explore Florida politics when it comes to Disney World. Or an essay on the failure on Disney's America in VA.

    Those are just a few topics that spring to mind. Again, it simply depends on how much resources you are suppose to put into this project.