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Mac Sign-up and Queue: The Return of Mac


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  • Mac Sign-up and Queue: The Return of Mac

    UPDATED: 11/18/06 - The list has been updated, please check your name for any new ETA's. If there are any changes, please send me a PM. Thanks! Summer

    Welcome to the Traveling Chicken Alliance! What started as a fun trip between a few friends has blossomed into a whole community of people getting involved. For the sanity of Hakuna Makarla and her precious chicken Mac, this thread was born to keep the list organized and to give a timeline as to where Mac might be this week.

    Here are the rules in regards to our chicken travels and if you are interested in joining, please feel free to post here or contact Hakuna Makarla or myself SummerInFL through a PM.

    Rules to having and participating with the angel ummm chicken

    1. Please if you have the chicken please try to keep her only 3 days tops. ( Unless its a holiday on the third day and you can not send out until the fourh day) this way people do not have to wait to long to participate.

    2. Two days before you send chicken out, you must PM the next person on the list so you know for sure that person still wants to participate. If you do not hear from that person in those 2 days contact the next person on the list. This way we do not have to guess if the next person is still willing to play or is gone on vacation etc.

    3. Please ship angel priority ( it costs only about 50 cents or less more) this way she will be in route faster then regular mail which takes up to 10 days. Also please use confirmation ( 25 cents) so we can track her

    4. Please do not take her swimming, she may get ruined,or dirt biking etc. you know we want to keep her as clean as possible. Be creative, but do not let your
    dogs get her, you know they will have a field day if they do get her!

    5. If at all possible please add post card, or small memento of where she has been ( print out picture will do to ) this way she will have some thing to come home with and be put on display with. When she does finally arrive I (Hakuna Makarla) want to put her on the shelf with all that she has gathered along her travels and snap pictures for all of us to see.

    6. Please, if you are not sure you can afford this, or that you do not have a camera, or you are just not sure about this, let us know as soon as possible . We want to keep her going smoothly along her journey.

    7. Oh and please, from time to time send Macs extra's home to me (Hakuna Makarla) so the box does not get to heavy. I am sure the last person does not want to purchase a huge box and pay a fortune to send him back with everything. If you see the box is getting heavy send the extra's on home. We want to keep it light. For Hakuna Makarla's address, please PM her for more information.

    8. If you can please post when you get mac, and what all souvenirs he now has in the box with him this would be great, or post a pic with him and his latest gifts unitil the box gets to heavy then send extra's to macs home

    9. To keep MAC on her journey and to avoid confusion we will not be able to switch dates or move people around the list.

    Most of all , be creative and have fun.

    If you would like to see the most recent pictures of MAC in her travels, please visit THIS thread.

    If you would like to just flip through the photos, I have compiled them in my Webshots album HERE. (I copy quotes directly from the poster who has MAC at the time so if you want it to say something different, please let me know. )

    After you have had MAC please visit her MySpace to update the blog from "her" point of view.

    **ALSO** Keep in mind that Webshots gets updated whenever the person MAC is visiting posts the photos. I usually get them uploaded within a few days of them being posted but as I do have a life outside Mice Chat *gasps* I don't always get it done right away.
    Last edited by SummerInFL; 11-18-2006, 04:33 AM.

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    Re: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

    awesome Idea summer...A Journey thread! whoo hoo


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      Re: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

      very organized! thanks!


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        Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

        NemoZorro wanted to be added as well - location: Phoenix, AZ.

        (By the way, I stuck both threads and also added to the titles to keep them clear and seperate. Hope you all don't mind.)


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          Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?




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            Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

            Hey! How come I'm not on the list ?


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              Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

              WOW Summer you are Awsome, and so are you Disneyphile!! saved me the heart ache, ( I miss her) and Summer is our super cool organizer


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                Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                i LOVE this! and i'm excited that i'm getting her in june...she's gonna love sunny long beach!!

                ^clicky clicky^


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                  Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                  YAY! I love the titles, thank you for clearing that up Disneyphile. I will add the new people/cities in the morning at work *ahem* I mean at lunch while I'm at work....yeah.. :lol:


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                    Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                    Villains Fan is San Clarita, California. She is so darn busy being a Moderator now, she probably hasn't even noticed this thread.

                    A_hyperbole is in Temecula, California. You should hear from her shortly, since her computer is back up and working.
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                      Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                      Senor Wrassler has my info. I'm already planning the fun places Mac is going to visit. I think a wine tasting tour at one of the wineries here in town is in order!!!!

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                        Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                        I won't add myself to the list, but I think I'll try to visit Mac while s/he is with Christi in Lodi. It's just up the road.
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                          Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                          So, Mac gets to go see wicked on the 13th? Cus i aparently have mac on my aug trip to anhiem lol How intense no cdn idol for mac ahh well
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                            Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                            Hey my name is not on the list
                            I live in Los Alamitos Ca. And I have big plans for her.
                            Come to the dark side,
                            we have cookies.


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                              Re: Mac Sign-up and Queue: MAC Journey List- Where is she now!?

                              I think I linked the wrong picture. Give me a minute. LOL

                              Grrr I did but I deleted the other ones so I'll have to relink it in the morning. Sorry people. :lol:
                              Last edited by SummerInFL; 02-02-2006, 06:15 AM.


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