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Valentine's Day!


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  • Valentine's Day!

    Valetine's Day is this upcoming Tuesday and I was wondering if you had any great Valetine's Day ideas or if you all want to share what you have planned? What things as your significant other done in the past that was great? Or many just some ideas? Anything?

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    Re: Valentine's Day!

    I will be by myself again this year. I am used to it though. I will prob rent a movie or something. May hang out with some of my single friends.

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      Re: Valentine's Day!

      My favorite is when the monster trucks are in town, we go to that.


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        Re: Valentine's Day!

        I will be at work, attempting to sell our "dinner for 2" special to people. L and I will go out to dinner a different night. I'm really not a big fan of Valentines Day. It's too comercial and there's too much pressure placed on making it special. We shouldn't need a special day to express our love for one another. I prefer random acts of love when my sweetie is least expecting them.


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          Re: Valentine's Day!

          I talked my husband into cancelling our Valentine dinner at this fancy Italian place that I've been dying to go to. I hate us having to do something "special" on one day a year!! Well, two, if you count our anniversary...and the birthdays, etc. I hate all the pressure!

          Instead, the kids will be gone the weekend before and our favorite local band is playing in our of our favorite local venues: It's more of what I'm in the mood for. No dressing up and looking nice stress, no worries about childcare, no worries about the pressure of that ONE DAY.

          So, on February 14th, I'll be making all of us a really nice sit-down dinner with candles, and wine and sparkling cider for the girls. My husband always gets them chocolates and flowers. He'd better skip both for me...I'd rather have anything else on earth. :lol:

          And on February 11th, I'll celebrate my relationship with my husband in a relaxed environment with strong martinis!! :clap: And he doesn't know this, but I also have a room booked for us at the hotel next door to the bar we're going to be at.

          My only really great Valentine's Day was two years ago when we went to Vegas. We had a really great day....I bought a Coach bag...we spent the early evening at Bellagio and then headed to Fiore for a loooong dinner. Oh, it was so good, the weekend was so perfect...the nicest little getaway. And he planned IT ALL. That was nice.


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            Re: Valentine's Day!

            Well I have A BoyFriend Rite Now
            So Yea Were going out for dinner and maybe after a movie...
            But he better give me some roses at skool!! lol


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              Re: Valentine's Day!

              My friends and I are celebrating having our Christmas gift exchange the weekend before. :lol: We'e all single, and so what better way to spend V-Day than with your friends, i. that case? (Or, at least the weekend before... weeknight's are bad!) Plus, it's American Idol that night... Can't miss it!
              Good morning, son
              In twenty years from now
              Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
              And I can tell you 'bout today
              And how I picked you up and everything changed
              It was pain
              Sunny days and rain
              I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                Re: Valentine's Day!

                FYI: Valentines day is actually a week from this coming Tuesday.

                We have no plans as of yet. I always get the shor tend of the stick with Valentines Day, since my birthday is the day after V-Day. (Last year, I got all my presents on V-Day and had nothing to open on my birthday.)

                More than likely, it will be something quiet. Nathan will be home that whole week while enjoying a "Between the old job & new job" vacation, so maybe he will surprise me this year. :lol:

                We bought valentines for the kids' classes last night. They have a new set that has a box for receiving valentines. Super cute and CHEAPER than the regular valentines. I lobbied Ali to get the Build-A-Bear valentines, but she got the Cabbage Patch Kids cards instead.
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                  Re: Valentine's Day!

                  i have no idea. it's our 4 year anniversary this year (yes...four years with the bf...together since high school....) and for the last two years we've gone to DL for our anniversary. however, he doesn't really want to go this year and i do want to go, but if we don't i'll be especially sad because really, the only pin i collect is the princess valentine's day collection. i've got one for each year and i thought it would be a cute tradition. anyway, i don't know what we'll do. probably just go to dinner somewhere and sit around. maybe i can coax him into going to DL...:evil:

                  ^clicky clicky^


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                    Re: Valentine's Day!

                    I have no idea what we're doing..if anything. Sometimes we go travel somewhere for the weekend. Heck, I can't even remember what we did last year?! Hmm...
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                    Marge: Pink.
                    Homer: D'oh!
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                      Re: Valentine's Day!

                      Lets see, its a Tuesday, and I'm terminally single, so I'll be doing NOTHING!!!!!!

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                        Re: Valentine's Day!

                        Let's see....hmmmm, bought for the Wolfette's class party. Will probably show up for that.

                        Wolfman never does anything special, at least not that I can remember. Somewhat alergic to chocolate (if I eat more than one or two pieces), so that doesn't work. The cats have more fun with the flowers than I do, so that doesn't work.

                        After buying the Kinkade Oil Painting, we kinda did decide not to buy anything to pricey for a while, that took care of Christmas, Anniversay and any other Holidays (gift giving) for at least the next six months. Isn't Love (marriage ) Grand?

                        Happy Valentines to everyone though! Especially to all those newly engaged couples!!!!!!
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                        it's what they are like in their HEART!

                        - Wolfette


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                          Re: Valentine's Day!

                          I do something mushy for the children everyday. A note, cookie, a small treat, a kissing fest (they hate this one now that they're older. i chase them around making smoochin' noises.)

                          Valentine's Day should be year 'round.


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                            Re: Valentine's Day!

                            First Valentine's Day being single again after 5 years...not quite sure how it's going to turn out, but I'm planning on treating it like any other day....
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                              Originally posted by mamabot
                              FYI: Valentines day is actually a week from this coming Tuesday.
                              I know.. that's why I said "upcoming Tuesday" not next Tuesday.

                              Anyway... stinkerbell! I hope you have fun. Your new ideas sound great. And Miss Christine, best of luck getting yourself to Disneyland.


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