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Matt Leinart stays at USC for Senior Year


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  • Matt Leinart stays at USC for Senior Year

    Heisman winner, Matt Leinart, has decided to stay at USC for his senior year. To all my fellow Trojans, I say Fight On! To Matt Leinart I must say I am impressed. He sounded as though he was leaning toward staying. There was something about the tone of his voice when he spoke about what college meant to him in the days leading up to his announcement.

    Here is a link to the story at ESPN.
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    i think that its great that he is staying at USC for his senior year. he should stay at school and finish up getting his degree and all too. it wont hurt him one more year to play college ball before going pro.
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      He was actually a senior this year, academically standing. Next year will be his 5th year. He red-shirted one year so he still had one more year of eligibility. I'm happy he's staying too. Hopefully he will grow more and be ready for the pros!
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        i think that matt's decision is great for usc and great for college football. it is so unusual to see a sure fire #1 pick leave millions of dollars on the table just to hang out with his pals. hopefully more kids will this example and take advantage of the oppurtunity to play "for passion and love of the game".


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