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  • Disney Attraction Posters

    I am currently re-decorating my room and would like to add a nice Disneyland touch. My idea is a couple of clusters of photos. The main being an attraction poster and two photos of it being constructed in B&W. I have a very clean, somewhat futuristic room and would like to stick with the Tomorrowland posters such as Autopia, Peoplemover, etc...

    Anybody know where I can find the posters and/or photos?

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    Try the Disney Gallery in Disneyland. There about $25 for a small size.You can also do print-on-demand for a bigger size.


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      If you don't go to Disneyland too often, there's lots on ebay also.


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        I've got a couple of them myself and they look fantastic under glass. Get the bigger ones so you can capture all the detail. The tomorrowland posters do look very dated (the future gets old fast) but it'll give your room a future-retro feel. I posted about these on my board and was shocked at how few people bought these.
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          I only have my beloved Haunted Mansion!! Loves it!!
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