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At this rate, I'm going to know the entire Panther team


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  • At this rate, I'm going to know the entire Panther team

    So Derek is at the grocery store and he passes by this guy wearing a USC trojan t-shirt, and Derek thinks, ok what are the odds. Only my fiancee would wear a Soutrhern Cal Shirt in NC. He goes out to his car and parked next to him is a top of the line BMW with a Trojans license plate holder and a Trojans Vanity plate (They do not require you to have a front license plate in NC). Being the schmooze that he is, he a stalker for who he thinks is Keary Colbert of the Carolina Panthers.

    When the guy comes out the following (in Derek's words) ensues:

    I casually ask, "Hey, did you go to SC?" and he lights up and says "Yeah, man. Did you go?" I said "No, but my fiancee is from the LA area, and she's a HUGE Trojans fan," and Katie on the speakerphone yells "Fight on!" (the big USC rallying cry), and he laughs.

    Then I said "You're not Keary Colbert, are you?"

    "Yeah, I am!"

    "Dude!!! Glad to meet you. You guys did a great job this year"
    "Thanks, man."

    A little bit of small talk, and he said hi to Katie (I asked her to hum the USC fight song, but she wouldn't). As luck would have it, I had my camera in the car, so I asked him if he'd mind if I took his picture. He said "Nope. Go ahead"

    As he was leaving he said "Bye Katie" YEA BABY!!!!!!
    Katie :yea:
    Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
    :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!

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    Re: At this rate, I'm going to know the entire Panther team

    Wow, lucky.


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