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ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

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  • ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

    Ok, I know this is kind of stupid, maybe not, but if you were me ( ) and you had your self and a 11 year old, what would it cost to be in disneyland for 6 days, also 1 day at knotts. 3 meals a day, goodies, ( room is already paid for) mouse ears etc.
    I figure 400.00 we have a 3 day meal plan already, but you know thats not near enough. Plus we do not have our knotts tickets yet. ( we do have park tickets for disney already though) What would your estimation of cost ? I want to be sure to treat some times to, like cones, etc. to some of my friends.
    So we will call this the " how much does Karla need to save up for "

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    Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

    ummm...take your estimate and double it just to be safe.
    It is hard for me to figure, I have 2 guys who never seem to stop eating.


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      Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

      I always estimate around $15 per meal per person. You may not actually spend that much but it you have more than you need its always better. I don't remember how much Knotts tickets are up to, they are just a bit less than D-land I think. When I was in Disneyland last fall I didn't see anything for less than $5-8 souviner wise. Anything you get is going to cost you (rounded up) around $5. Think drinks, snacks, (churros, frozen bananas-- my personal fav!), trinkets... maybe it would help if you wrote a list of what you think might be your daily expenses, what kind of things you anticipate spending money on each day and then we can help put prices with them!

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        Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

        ok 45.00 a day for 1 person, x's 2 = 90.00 a day for food
        snacks 5.00/ 2 a day for 1 person x's 2 = 20.00 for snacks
        knotts ( some one told me 24.00 for specials) $24.00 x's 90.00
        trinkets, mickie eras, etc. 75.00 ( for the whole trip)
        pictures from rides, not sure what they cost, and if I can get them as some one always flips off the camera so no pic

        $805.00 ( with out pictures from the rides

        ok, I really better save up now!! and I have 36 days to do it, so far I have 200.00 wow i better get peddling!!!


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          Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

          That seems right in line with what I was thinking. The last thing you want to do is come up short and have it ruin your vacation. I get to head to the bank today to get $$ for our trip tomorrow. There will be 8 of us and knowing myself (and Hubby) we will end up picking up more than 1 meal check during the day.


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            Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

            Karla...The food can add up so quickly. We usually do brunch, a snack, and dinner. Or if we're going to do breakfast, lunch and dinner we bring breakfast food to keep in the hotel room like juice, bagels and cream cheese, cereal and milk and ask for a coffee maker. And the place where you can waste the most money is water and soda so we always take two of each into the park in our backpacks! I also take a baggie with beef jerky and cashews.

            As far as souvenirs go, I usually go to the Disney Store a week before my trip and see what's on sale like t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc because the prices on those are really hiked up in the park. A cheap souvenir which my family loves are the pins. Rachel can get a starter set for $25.00 and then every day she can trade for new pins instead of buting something new. Oh, and the silhouettes on Main Street are a great souvenir and pretty inexpensive!

            I'd say give yourself a moderate budget with some extra cash in reserves just in case you go crazy!!


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              Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

              (puts pinky to corner of mouth)

              One MILLION dollars! (cue dramatic music)


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                Re: ok,i am on vacation, 6 days, whats it cost?

                hmmmm.... for that.....mmmmm.... bout an arm, a leg, and half of your prized posessions.... give or take.... its just an estimation though