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The 'Man' Behind the Curtain: About Monorail Man...


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  • The 'Man' Behind the Curtain: About Monorail Man...

    While many of you know me, a few don't, and since I'm helping out here, it might be a good idea if you knew who I am, so pull up a chair...

    I am Hastin, a 18 year-old high school student, from Apple Valley, CA. My favorite hobbies are, the computer (60%), Disneyland (well, of course!) (30%), and I like school (10%).

    Started my journey into Disney geekdom back after a trip in 2001. Things cought my mind that no other theme park had. So after researching some details, I found a link to Yesterland, and from there went to Al's former home. From there, I was a poster for upwards of 3 years, until some stuff took place that caused quite a shuffle, and I was asked to be an Admin at FabsBoards. Well, now I'm helping out here, and there.

    I useally make it down to DL about once a month (or so), and useally try to get it on meet days (such as this Sunday). However, sometimes the schedule conflicts, and I don't go, but that's not too often. I've been an Annual Passholder for 3 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. If I'm at Disneyland alone (rare), then you'll find me useally hanging out at Tower, Matterhorn, or Big Thunder. However, when the meets are there, I'm game for anything (even if it's talking for hours). I also like Disneyland food.

    My Outside-DL life is also somewhat large, and I'm very envolved at School. ASB, School Ambassador Program, Video, Science Club, Debate Club, and a whole lot more. I take classes this year I like, and only have 2 classes that are required, but still are fun. Outside of School, I'm part of alot of online things, incusing the Hacking community, and Greeters Guild for Uru (a Myst game spinoff), and I'm a huge Microsoft freak (however with those Mini-Macs out, I might buy one!). I useally use the Microsoft alternative 95% of the time. I keep a Windows Mobile device with me, just about always, and am a big supporter of the Media Center experience. Even though I'm a MS nut, I'm a big fan of Open Sorce products, and run a Linux box as well (mainly for my Uru server).

    Well, that's just a bit too much about me. You wont see me too active on the boards, but I'll be the one making sure that your MiceChat experience is a pleasant one. Have fun!
    -Monorail Man

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    oh my gosh.. you like school... J/K school is ok... as long as your are graduating soon.... then it becomes a problem...

    I love band.... I'm near WDW.. my life began when i was 4..... (going down I-4 was "long" well felt long.. about as long as it takes in real time now.. LOL)


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      You failed to mention me as your arch nemesis (computoraly speaking of course)

      I need to get a life...


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        I see nothing about candy in your introduction. Do you not like sweets?

        When I think of MM, I think: computers, costumes and CANDY.


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          Thanks, MM! Ya lost me on all that tech talk, but thanks for the job well done!
          I love Disneyland!


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            I like sugar, too!

            And I like MM!


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              Keep up the good work, MM. You do a great job.
              "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"
              - Satchel Paige


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                Originally posted by Monorail Man
                I am Hastin, a 18 year-old high school student, from Apple Valley, CA. My favorite hobbies are, the computer (60%), Disneyland (well, of course!) (30%), and I like school (10%).
                18? Already? Crap, I've been hanging out on these Disney boards too long.

                Good to see you MM. Thanks for your hard work!


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                  MM: I wanna see that picture of you in the Donald Duck suit again.

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                  The ONLY Dark Ride Book.


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                    I'm very glad to see that you're here, MM. With you at the controls I am most confident that it will be quite smooth sailing.


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                      I thought you ran the whole internet. Come to find out it's just these two boards? Sheesh.
                      So full of Disney Magic, my eyes are blue.


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                        I hate to give out generic welcomes, but I would hate to miss any of the new MiceChatters. So Welcome, Hastin.

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                        DLR Florida - 2002, 2007
                        DLR Tokyo - 2005
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