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We're going to...Universal Studios!


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  • We're going to...Universal Studios!

    So tomorrow Anders, the Jr. Miss, and I are doing something radically different...We're going to Universal Studios! Last time I went there I was like 4! :lol: In fact, it's been close to 10 years since I've been to any theme park that isn't Disneyland! I'm so excited, I think we'll have such fun! Anybody have any recommendations or suggestions for while we're there?
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    Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

    No recommendations or suggestions but have lots of fun

    It's hard to believe that we can have fun elsewhere after a while :lol:


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      Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

      You'll have a great time, if you can afford it the Front of the Line Pass is worth it! Especially with the crowds during Spring Break, that is if you're going on a weekend. No matter what....HAVE FUN!!!
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        Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

        I assume you mean USH, and not USO...

        Do the lower lot first. Finish it it it's entirety, and then work your way back up, doing the tram tour later in the day. You will completely miss 80% of the crowds this way.

        The only catch: sometimes the lower lot has a delayed opening. If so, get there immediately after it opens... I wouldn't "do the tram tour" until it opens, because everyone else will have the same idea, and the line will be mobbed. And although the line for the tram tour tends to move quickly, it's a 45-60 minute tour that may cause you to miss the opening of the lower lot.

        The Mummy should still be doing the double rides until about 12:30, which is another advantage to hitting the lower lot early. Get there soon enough, and you can walk right on.
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          Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

          wow cool, please pictures I would love to see these rides, mummy, etc. and the 3D show.


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            Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

            Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula never has waits. So don't rush into that. Save it for later. But I understand they close it and open it throughout the day.

            T2:3D runs like every 30 minutes or so.

            I think Waterworld is closed for refurbishment, if so, they will have Fear Factor LIVE open. Blues Brothers, Fear Factor, Animal Planet LIVE and Waterworld run on schedules. Waterworld is awesome.

            You could take a quick peek into the Nickeoldeon play area.

            Shrek 4D has a +15 wait time on slow days.

            Studio Tour is usually 45 minute wait during peak season.

            Try to do Back to the Future first. That usually has long lines. AND THEN, go down to the lower lot.

            LOWER LOT:
            Jurassic Park & Mummy have single rider lines. But sometimes they cause these lines.

            SFX stage I think runs every 15 minutes.

            Backdraft usually never has a line.

            You can just walk into the I Love Lucy Tribute.

            PS, a "new" studio tram tour is supposed to be coming for this Spring 2006. LINK:

            USH has a deal if you buy something from Subway, you get $15 off your 1 day ticket.

            OR, buy a day, get 2006 free.

            And they offer a $20 adult food pass. You get a wrist band, go to the designated food locations to get a specific number of items. Then walk out and enjoy. You can go back in line as many times you want the whole day. Ask a Universal Employee for complete details or go to Universal Studios Hollywood offical website.

            Oh, and yes, have a great day at Universal Studio's HOLLYWOOD!!
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              Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

              Go on the backlot tour. Its so much fun.

              Take lots of pictures. Oh the food pass for the day is a good Idea.


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                Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

                I'd add that the SFX Stage is actually a lot of fun, even if it does seem weak.

                The escalators between the upper and lower lots are the second longest ride in the park, so as JesterMn suggests, do the lower lot first!

                However, when all is said and done BTTF, Mummy and Jurassic Park are the only proper "rides". Backlot is definitely a highlight, so leave time for that!

                Shame Waterworld is closed, as it was a definite highlight.
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                  Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

                  Pay the extra cash for the front of the line if it's a crowded day!! It's the best thing ever!! Hardly any wait. It's nothing like DL's FastPass.

                  If you go through Van Helsing's walkthough, watch out for the little guy! He just sneaks up on you. <shudders>Creepy little monkey!

                  And have fun!!!
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                    Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

                    Wait a minute...are you trying to tell me that there *ARE* other parks in the area other than Disneyland?!?! Okay, where are the cameras?? I don't believe it, I can't believe it, I shant believe it!! Aintn't that crazy?!? That's...that's...inconceivable!!

                    Nevertheless, have a great time @ USH!! I was there once for a couple hours during the later afternoon-early evening, which was a couple of years ago. I'll have to make a point of going back one time during the off-season...

                    I could've sworn that when renewing my AP that I read that one of the terms & conditions of having a Disneyland AP was that if you do go to another park, you can be cleansed from it by going on "It's A Small World" 3x and then go & check a photo w/ one of the Fab 5 Characters...

                    ...either that or too much vodka enchants you w/ perception to read between the lines. :lol:


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                      Re: We're going to...Universal Studios!

                      Go on the Backlot tour... maybe you'll see me.


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