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My Favorite... Pizza?


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  • My Favorite... Pizza?

    I wanted to start this thread to see what chain and/or store offers the best pizza in your city. Where do you go to get the most mouth-watering pizza? Share your favorites here.

    My favorite Pizza Chains are Little Caesar's Pizza and Domino's. I love the Crazy Bread from Little Caesar's! I also like Domino's. Their double cheese pizza is simply the best. They also give me freebies on many of my visits to their store. For example, on my most recent visit, I recieved a whole extra pizza, absolutely free!

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    Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

    Haus of Pizza in Anaheim!!!!! Best combination on earth!
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      Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

      Mountain Mikes, Pepperoni, Pinapple and Bacon..


      (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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        Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

        Extreme Pizza.

        I LOVE it! Best Pizza anywhere! they have the most unique & unusual combinations for their Pizzas, half the menu is Vegiterian. but not your same old usual I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their pizzas.

        my 3 favorites right now, in no particular order....
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          Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

          there at home my faves were Little Cesar's, shakey's and the itty bitty pizza joint across from Seal Beach Pier..cant remember the name..

          here it's pizza hut, and the little country store about 5 miles from me..extra cheese and pepper rings..ummmmm


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            Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

            Lately, it's been Pat's or Season's. I didn't know Little Caesar's was still around.
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              Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

              Porky's Pizza, in the SF Bay Area

              As for chains, Mt. Mikes, combo (no fish, though).

              SF has some awesome pizza pie joints too. Yumm yumm.


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                Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                I'm limited to vegetarian pizzas, but there are a few places that offer some excellent selections.

                Micky's Cafe (kind of appropriate!) in Paddington, Sydney offers a great Spinach, Herb and Feta which is really yummy. They also do a terrific Pumpkin & Feta (I think that's what it is...). It's tasty anyway!

                Arthur's Pizza around the same area is known for its yum factor. I like the simplicity of their Margarita (cheese and tomato), but they have a lot of great variations on that theme (at least 4 or 5 vegetarian pizzas which is also great).
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                  Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                  Unos, around here.
                  And the other bigger Unos chain as well.
                  No "good" independent shops around here I've found so far.
                  It's usually Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, but I prefer the smaller guys.
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                    Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                    I'm originally from NY and I would just like to say that, after 20 years of searching, there is no good pizza in California.
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                      Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                      While I quite love the oddities of the pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, my favorite would have to be the Columbus-based chain, Donatos. They went downhill a bit when the family sold it to McDonalds, but have since redeemed themselves after they bought it back completely. They have the best Hawaiian Pizza ever -- ham, pineapple, sliced almonds, and cinnamon.

                      And I absolutely loathe Papa John's. Another chain that started in Columbus, but nowhere near as good as Donato's. I find it unfortunate that Papa John's got as big as they did, especially considering that their pizzas tastes like cheap microwavable variety.


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                        Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                        'Good Pizza Chains' and 'Senate Ethics Committees' are both oxymorons to me. You would almost need to call this thread, Pizza Chain Joints- The Best of the Worst.

                        I can't rate chains, they are so lame.

                        Here in Phoenix, Red Devil pizza does a great job.

                        For wood fired pizza, it's all about Cibo, that place is amazing with great service too!


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                          Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                          Hungry Hungry Howies is pretty good, er at least the closest and decent place that delivers to us in Monrovia. You can choose nummy flavors for the garlic. mmm.

                          I'm not big on pizza, but I do love veggie combos. My fave is Eggplant and Onions. Yum yum!
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                            Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                            I like Pizza Palace, Alba's and Ray's original. I do eat Domino's but these are better (small shops)
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                              Re: My Favorite... Pizza?

                              Mine!!! thick crust, pinapple sasauge,2 kinds of cheeses and XXXXcheese. oh yeah, I love it!! ( and pappa johns


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