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    I don't necessarily recommend this one, but when I was in college a few of my friends got into another friends dorm room and proceded to remove every single item in the room including the door, needless to say the guy wasn't very happy. Personally my b-day is March 31st and so I've never been real creative for the holiday.

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      My first anniversary is this april fools so I think I might need to hold back on the tricks this year.
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        I once moved my mothers car around the corner, she thought it was stolen. A good friend of hers was a cop so I convinced her to call her instead of 911, (the friend was in on it) "filed a report" the whole 9 yards. LOL


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          I just read something about a band that I like quite a bit breaking up...I am too gullible.


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            I am WAY gullible. Trader Sam (from the Disney Experience) wrote a letter on his blog and website saying that Disney was shutting him down (which is plausible) He had however put April Fool! right below that in the same color as the background, so it was invisible. Luckily for me, my aggretor (which is subscribed to his blog) deoesn't do text color and I could see it.

            He got me. Big time. I rest assured however that I am not the only one. At least I found out.


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              Originally posted by Momzilla59
              Vaseline on a doorknob ohyes, a classic...vaseline on the toilet seat :devil:
              I was trying to think of something to do to my husband today, but I have no imagination. I saw this post and immediately went and vaslined the door knob when he went to bed last night. I thought he was gonna kill me ( he generally has a stick up his butt), but he was laughing really hard! It was great! Thanks for the idea!
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                hmm. only a few hourw left.. and no joke yet... (thought i got an administrator to pull an April fools joke on the school kids.. she said she was leaving... then at the end of the day she said how she loved the kids... then APRIL FOOLS..... brilliant...


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