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What's Hopping for Easter!


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  • What's Hopping for Easter!

    Easter is rapidly approaching, and along with being truly appreciative of the meaning of the holiday, its another holiday that involves gatherings and food.

    What's your plans for this Easter.

    Going out or having people over?
    Brunch or Dinner?
    What's the menu?
    What's the Easter candy you can't live without!

    Be forewarned, I'm trolling for menu ideas! If I see any good ones, I might be bugging you for recipes!

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    Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

    I kinda such on this. We don't do anything different. The girls get Easter baskets and sometimes we hide eggs in the yard, sometimes not. But the candy... Reese's peanut butter eggs and Robin's Eggs are the ones I can't live without!

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      Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

      Haven't got a clue what the plan is, but I know I have family visiting from out of state that week who I haven't seen since my grandfather's funeral. I'm looking forward to spending time with them for a less somber occasion.


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        Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

        i am going to madison to be with my girlfriend and her family- should be a good time.

        i love the easter time of year. spring is here, and everything is just so beautiful.
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          Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

          I need to get up to the attic and get my stinkin' decorations down. Lazy lazy lazy.

          Must have candy includes Reese's peanut butter eggs, M&M's for the plastic eggs, and....hmm, let's see. What kind of candy does JDiz HAVE to have in the baskets?? Oh yes, PEEPS BUNNIES! :love: Yes, I eat them, but looking at there sweet little sugary colorful cuteness is what I really love.

          We have a ginormous backyard (for suburbia) so we hunt real and plastic eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden for us in the yard. The Bunny fills the plastic eggs with M&M's and coins (and 2 with dollar bills), and we color the real eggs and leave them out for Mr. BunBun to hide.

          When I was growing up, we used to go to Sunrise service at church and then come home to hunt eggs. It was SO hard waiting! This year, as with last year, we will go to my mom's house for egg hunt #2 and lunch. It's a nice day.
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            Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

            i'm working til 6pm on easter. But I hope to go over my best friends house and make some easter baskets to take to my god daughter

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              Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

              Well as always, the week prior when I have time I'll watch Its the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown, The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town and Peter Cottontail. Yea, I'm 38

              Easter Sunday I'll pick my mom up and head to my sisters. The past few years she has had an egg hunt for us adult kids and she has awesome prizes like wine, gift cards and $$$. Dinner is potluck. I think we're having pork tenderloin bar b qued.


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                Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                O-Nut, I love the idea of egg hunting for adults, I might have to steal that one.

                Thanks for the reminder on the Easter shows, I need to pull them out to watch.


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                  Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                  I'm not sure yet--it's sneaking up on me!!

                  Last Easter we went to a brunch buffet at the Governor Hotel catered by Jake's Famous Crawfish. We've gone for Mother's Day the last few years, too, and it's freaking FANTASTIC. So gluttonous and wonderful!! :clap: I should call and make reservations right now, actually! The food is out of this rib, cold seafood--salmon, crawfish, shrimp cocktail, oysters....a chocolate fountain for dessert. Champagne. Why am I not calling???

                  We usually do Easter baskets with fun things in them--DVDs, CDs, gift certificates, candy. Plus, it's a fun reason for everyone to buy a new outfit.


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                    Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                    Eh. Fry up a little ham and mashed potatoes. Eat LOTS of jelly beans. Feel bad for not going to church.
                    That's about it.
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                      Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                      Birthday weekend for me...not sure if we're doing anything....
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                        Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                        This year, Easter is the day after Brian's birthday, so it is a little tricky. We are doing his party at Chuck E Cheese in Santa Clarita the night of the 15th, so we will probably spend the night at my parent's house in Glendale.

                        In the morning, I guess we will hide their baskets there, then head to my sisters for an egg hunt (similar to J-diz's hunt) and breakfast. Traditional meal is strada. I go hungry as I don't eat eggs.

                        Then we head off the my mom & step dad's for the good food.

                        Honey Baked Ham
                        Scalloped Potatoes

                        Easter basket must haves: Whoppers (family tradition), jelly beans, reese's PB eggs, and peeps.

                        The kids will be getting small baskets this year. Not sure what I am putting in there yet. I already bought Ali's easter dress. Laura Ashley at Costco - who knew!
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                          Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                          We're staying at the Resort for the long weekend and enjoying the Easter Day Brunch at the DL Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. Awesome menu includes our favorites like shrimp, crab and prime rib. Also a whole bunch of other stuff that we don't even know what the names are.

                          And of course, we can't pass up on the free-flowing CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN for (one of) the desserts!

                          We've also done the Buffet's for Mother's Day and Thanksgiving.

                          After our meal, we'll waddle over to the Park to try and burn off the calories...

                          Happy Easter!


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                            Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                            Everyone's plans sound like such fun!!!!! I'm a little jealous. Why is there no Passover Bunny????

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                              Re: What's Hopping for Easter!

                              Originally posted by a_hyperbole
                              Everyone's plans sound like such fun!!!!! I'm a little jealous. Why is there no Passover Bunny????
                              Why cant you! He can put matzo in your Passover Basket.

                              Why cant ya have some sort of Jewish egg hunt of some sort? You can have the egg represent life or something. Make up your own rules, why live by someone elses!!


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