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  • New HP book

    Is it just my imagination or does the new Harry Potter book come out on the same day as DLs anniversary?

    Anybody know if they are going to have the midnight event at compass books this time like they did for 5?

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    July 16th release date


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      July 16th.... Harry Potter...

      July 17th.... Disneyland 50....


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        sweet! I'm going to the midnight book party thing! I've never been to one and I can't wait!!


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          I'll be at Disneyland when HP comes I'm ordering the book at our daughter's preschool auction this weekend. A family has pre-ordered it and donated it....figure I have to buy it anyway, may as well buy it at the auction and my daughter will get dibs on it while I'm out of town.

          The last time a HP book was released I was in LA with a friend was is NOT a HP fan (MiceChat's own Pebbles, actually!) she laughed at the people dressed in costumes outside a book store, while I secretly longed to join them. :lol:


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            I can't get to Dland for the 17, but AT LEAST I can get to a Harry Potter book. I can be excited about that anyway.
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              erk- I just realized that working faire will cut into my HP reading time that weekend- horror!


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                I wonder if Harry is still gonna be having the teenager attitude like in the last book? Curious and curiouser. I am very excited for the 4th movie, last movie left me wanting more.

                Now there is a themepark unto itself! Seriously, build a castle that contains shows and rides, a virtual Quiditch with similar technology to soaring, with individual brooms that float seperatly so you feel more involved in the game, the woods behind Hogwarts- the enchanted car ride (see book 2). Underwater adventure- (see book 4) Hogsmead, and of course Diagon Alley!


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                  This is great-I can read the book on the drive down.
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                    I'll be in Chicago when it comes out. I'm already making plans to find the nearest bookstore and haul my drunk behind out of whatever club I'm in at midnight to get it. Then stare longingly at it until the plane ride home.
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                      I read somewhere that someone important is going to die....again!

                      Will I be able to keep myself from reading ahead? Last time I peeked first.


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                        My daughter is so excited about the book release on the 16th she can't wait,

                        what she does not know is we are going to DL the next day. a 6 hour car ride with the new HP book and Disneyland at the end, she will be so excited.

                        we decided to keep this trip as a secret until we arrive (I'm not sure I can keep quiet that long, but I'll try) so she will be so distracted with her book that she won't even realize how long or far we have gone. (I hope)

                        and maybe, just maybe, she will finish it before our return trip home so I can read it for the 6 hr ride back.


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                          July 16 - Half-Blood Prince
                          July 17 - Official 50th Birthday AND Wicked's Opening Night (Pantages Theater)

                          I'm so psyched. I might finally go to one of those midnight waitings in full Hogwarts uniform despite the fact it's in the middle of summer. Who cares about Harry? I'm more interested in Ron and Hermione's relationship!
                          I lurk.


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                            Woohoo...what a weekend!!!


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                              Originally posted by Mousekiteer
                              July 16 - Half-Blood Prince
                              July 17 - Official 50th Birthday AND Wicked's Opening Night (Pantages Theater)
                              Excellent! I can go to Disneyland and afterwards read Harry Potter on that LONG drive to Pantages! BEST weekend ever!
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